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Jul 30, 2003
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Do you ever feel picked on or like you have been banned from winning? Well Thats how I feel at the moment. I thought that it would make me feel better if I saw some of your stats to have something to compare mine to. Also show your longest losing streaks.

For instance, I played Aces and Faces power poker and out of 500 hands (at $5 total bets) I won $20 Once, $17 once and the rest were usually less than my bet.
I then went to carnival and deposited $600 doing $2.25 bets per spin. I won $46 twice after spending $400 and won $22 4 times, other than that I rarely won my bet back and lost all $600 at that one game. You would think you could win back maybe enough to have fun with but I have been on a constant loss at Fortune club casinos since my big win.
I have only won a few dollars over my initial deposit but never can get even a quarter of it back. Thats just todays losses, I will show more stats here later.
After about a $400 loss I went back and played and decided to capture my stats since i was doing so bad. If this does not prove that I am on a losing streak, I dont know what does. I played $2.25, .90 & even .45...out of 664 spins my biggest win was $34.50 and that was well after hitting the 500 spin mark. This was in Thunderstruck & in 664 spins I hit the bonus round only 4 times but obviously didnt win much. Attach Removed (Old not found)
Well this is new, a player on a losing streak, not a rigged casino. What are the odds?
Wanda, all I can tell you is MOVE ON!! When you start playing a game set up a 'loss limit' and when you meet it, them it's time to change games. I play video poker and also some slot games and find, for example, if aces & faces is not hitting I go to jacks or better and have some success. If nothing is hitting I go to another casino. But as I have expressed in this forum before, I love the Fortune Group but cannot EVER win there. I try and try with no results. I love their support people but that is not a reason to continue to lose. I have been on those streaks before and vow never to play online again, then I get a royal and can't remember ever thinking about quitting. I just went through a great winning streak on 2 different casino and took out about $9000. That's pretty good, but now with all that money in my Neteller account I can't hit anything! But thats why it's called gambling. By the way, Thunderstruck is so fun when it is hitting but super boring and frustrating when it is not. I don't think much of it anymore.
I guess I am giving off the wrong impression in this post...its not a post of "does this look fair?" or "am I being cheated?" because there is NEVER any such thing as "fair" when it comes to it all being random. I just thought that when we are frustrated and have had horrible losses, it can help us feel better when we can show and compare our stats. I just like to vent I guess and if perhaps someone else had some really bad stats maybe they would like to vent. I know that after a big win I come strait here and post & after a big loss I come here and post.
Also, it would be interesting to me to see stats from the same casino im playing at, at the moment. I mean we just trust any casino that we are told to trust and its all we can do. BUT when there is one casino that no one ever wins at, and it could be rigged, I sure would like to know it, and hopefully avoid it. I mean its NOT unheard of. Just the fact of how many responses about how no one ever wins after one good win, has really made comparing notes interesting to me. I'm not looking for advice on "how to gamble" or making accusations, I just like to see for myself what others experience so I can learn & also feel better knowing I'm not the only one (wink). For instance I remember thinking that sticking to one game may give me better odds, and found out WAY later that it does not matter and it IS better to MOVE ON. Unfortunatly sometimes, I just cant stop! I learn a lot from this board and will continue to do so I'm sure. Also for instance, If I saw that people listed horrible stats over and over again from aces & faces at Platinum Club, well I would not play that game there. As a matter of fact I have played that game there so many times and have NEVER won over what I initially started out with. These are the stats from my last experience. Anyway, like I said, if you want to list your stats and need to vent or even laugh at yourself or need someone to laugh with you, list them & if you dont want to see the stats, dont read the posts listed on this thread.
Vene, congrats on your win! Hope we get to see some screen shots! And Thunderstruck, you are so right, it goes so slow and when youre losing for a while its not easy to stay awake : )
Is that you in the photo....? Do we have so beautiful women in the forum....?
I'm happy now! :phaser:
Have you visited the thread I started a while ago entitled 'Where do you never win'? If not, then please add to it, it only gets more interesting with more postings.

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