Share your online gambling experiences!!



I'd like to compare notes with everyone about the Best online Casinos/Bingo
If we stick together and share our gambling experiences maybe we can get rid of the scams

so here is My 2 cents worth:
I've been gambling online for several years now, started out playing Bingo and moved on
to the casinos. If your like me you've come across allot of online casinos/bingo that seem to be scams. I started off playing Bingo hour, put in my share and never cashed out..$1 a card
was to expensive for I continued on to Cyber Bingo
After depositing a few thousand here....I finally got tired of giving my money away...yes I won several 100.00 pots but not ever enough to cash out.
I also played at nickel bingo for several months, I won a few there, but I heard a few people say they'd been waiting 6-7 weeks to get their money, when we deposit they take it out of our debit or cc then..we don't have the options to wait 6-7 weeks..this doesn't seem fair to me. So I stopped playing there...that's been about a year ago I have no idea how they are doing now.
Atlantic enterbet...nice place, software, very addicting games....I've deposited well over 2,000.00 and have never cashed out..this is so sad!!!! $20.00 goes in a very few minutes there. I can go on and on
about my nightmare on the internet.
After searching the net for legit places to play I've played at 100's and sadly but try have found 2 sites I feel are honest.

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I really like their games, I can play DAYS off a $20.00 deposit, I like that!!!
customer support is great..I had to use the 1-800- number once. They will be adding a multi-player
Bingo the end of this month, can't wait to try it!! If you email
after your first deposit mention this post and they will match your deposit by 50% up to 100.00.

Though this site is having problems with crashes caused by bugs in new software. They are still an honest site. Should be back up soon, I hope! I won 8500.00 on video poker last July.
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I've cashed out many times here and received my money within a few days (3-4).
I think they'll give 20% sign up bonus..., I've been there for close to 2 years.

Good Luck all!!!

aka BamaLisa/LisaE

Just to add my 2 cents, I have been playing at Atlantic Interbet for 3 weeks now and I think their odds are very fair. Especially with their tournaments running all day with big prizes. Actually I deposited 100$ 3 weeks ago, have been playing everyday since then and i'm still ahead.
So I would recommend Atlantic Interbet (, my referral : IB101790). I would also recommend The Sands of the Caribbean (, very nice pit boss and monthly bonus deposit) and all sunnygrp Casinos (Mapau, Miami Beach and casino fortune).

Please note The sands are cryptologic, Sunnygrp are Microgaming and AiB have their own, amazing in the possible interactions, software.

Fell free to email me.
My wife and I Played on the casino (
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) on
01/20/2001 and deposited and lost $200.00. The deposit was accepted and
no incident arose over the loss. Some time later we logged on again and
deposited $300.00 and after playing awhile managed to win $5050.00. We
cashed in and later recieved an e-mail saying our accounts were closed.
Upon contacting the casino several (10+) times and receiving very vague
responses as to what is occurring with our cashout, I come to find out that
they had no intention of honoring our winnings. They did offer, however, to
return the $300.00 deposit. They never mentioned the $200.00 deposit and
to this day (02/02/2001) they havent credited that back to my account. In
other words they're keeping the money we lost.
They never sent me documentation stating that "I could no longer play on
the casino or that my account was permanently closed". I didn't falsify
information ( Why would I? A check or bank account has to be in my name if
I'm going to cash it) and when communicating with their Security supervisor
I've received vague and undetailed responses.
His reasons as to why they are not going to credit us with the winnings are
unjustified and have no merit. I submitted documentation that they had
requested at an earlier time but they claim they never received it. I offered
to submit it again, but they never responded to that idea. It all seems fishy
to me. This Casino does not have a telephone # and all communication was
done electronically. Prior to this I've received solicitations to play, If I used a
card that was near or pushing above its' limit I would receive a "Decline
Notice' that contained invitation "try another credit card", and if I lost they
kept the money. Now I finally win an they refuse to pay me. Is this right? Is
this Fair? Please tell me!
$$$BIG PAYOUTS AT Slotland$$$$
I have been playing at Slotland now for over a week. I've been winning several Bonus Match Deposits with this casino from Gonegambling in their Boom or Bust game. I've won over a thousand $ in Bonus deposits alone. I've won just about daily on the Treasure Box Slot Maching.Two nights ago I hit a 1200.00 jackpot, and previous to that I've hit several 400.00's, 200.00's, etc. Its been going and going just like the Energizer Bunny. I can't believe it. Their customer service is unbelievable, Ray St. John in their marketing Department is the BEST. he will take very good care of you and make you feel a part of their family. I highly recommend this casino, and ALL of their slots. Believe me its been well worth it!!!! Give them a try., I haven't regreted it one bit.

I just played at - again, and won $8733, in their multiplayer poker room, I guess I just was a better player, but they had a lot of money and was willing to lose it.
Great casino - automatic payment system, so you will always get your money.

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