Share your best and worst land-based casino experiences


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May 10, 2008
Brooklyn, New York, United States
I have one good experience when I went by myself all the way to Yonkers NY and won $2900 playing 1,000,000 pennies.

Bad experience when you go Atlantic City and win nothing, I looked at my statement from last year and said Holy Sh** I lost that much money.


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Feb 23, 2007
the best is when i won 5,250$ on a slot. there r so many bad ones to choose from lol. i think when i got into a fight with my sister-in-law in the casino and got kicked out but that was also the funnest caz the guards told me i could,nt come back until the next day and i said o.k see you a sec after midnight and he looked at me and said what and i said i,ll see you a sec after midnight. i told him that will be the next day and then it dawned on him and he started to laugh. i never did get to kill my sister-in-law sh-----


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Oct 16, 2008
Canada New Brunswick
There is no land casinos in my province(state) so I started out with the lottery company and have to say it is my worst experience ever.

The lotto in my province has all sorts of things,sports betting etc and all the scratch tickets you can dream of and bingo,plenty of slots in bars but no casino.when you go to the lotto booths there are plenty of choices much like a small casino...

Having no casino around I decided to do what the rest of the gamblers in my province do and that's either scratch tickets or slot machines.

So I started out with the scratch tickets and bought like 40$ worth 40x1$ tickets...The most I ever won was 20$ over my initial "bankroll" all the scratch tickets have 55% payouts 65% at best :( But I was so new to gambling I thought I had a chance with the scratches like local folks here think,that is my worse experience ever...The slots at bars have less than 70% payouts,ridiculous.7/4 jacks or better sheesh.Now you don't wanna know what the jackpot was for a royal,is that even legal.


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Jul 17, 2006
Cambridge ON
Gambling experiences.

Jack of all suits.Being Canadian we can gamble at most online casinos.Your provincial laws will be different than mine here in Ontario, so look into your provincial gambling organization on gambling laws.

Save your money and gamble at a casino in New Brunswick, or come to Ontario for good gambling, or save your money for a Las Vegas week trip.

Good luck and avoid bad payouts on machines.



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Mar 13, 2008
At least drive across the border to Quebec, where the VLTs payback 92 or 93 percent...It's posted and the SLQ (Society de Lotteries du Quebec) has quite a stringent set of rules and seems to have transparency (most are available online).

I hear the one in Halifax is pretty good, and I don't know how far you are from Charlevoix near Quebec City, but I always enjoy the Hull Casino, but not as fond of Montreal.

I'll post again to share my own LandBased adventures.;)