Shame on RTG Casinos !!


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Sep 20, 2005
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I have been playing at RTG casinos for a long time, but it seems the more new games they introduce, the worse they are getting all around..

I used to cash out weekly and now all I have been doing is donating. I have not cashed out in weeks since I gave up Crystal Palace, which was a favorite of mine (due to the negative posts here) and the long time waiting for my withdrawals..:oops:

Has ANYONE EVER won one of thier Random Jackpots ever?:confused:

This is another area that I believe is never won.

Shame on them...for I believe its time to avoid these games totally...:axeman2:

Even Caesars has become a truly bad bonus slot since the introductions of new games..

Diamond dozen is one of the WORST payback/win slot ever to make it into the running..I played $300 strictly in this slot just to see what would happen and the most ever was 1 set of diamonds for 2x2x2 bonus win (was about $30 dollars win) and 12 free spins on 3 blue diamonds bonus spin and won $14.00..just awful..:eek:

I put another $200 into the Derby Dollar one and hit the bonus round 3 times ($2 bet) and the MOST I won on a 10 and 15 free spin round was $7.20! Geezs.. And the wins are TRIPLED to boot during the bonus spins..

Been playing all MONTH and nothing....biggest win was around $50.00...and it took $234 to win that on $2 spins..:lolup:

Time to move on I guess...used to just love these casinos but with this kind of action..time to find a new home and give the RTG's up..IMHO :(

YES, I am a little peeved since this used to be my favorite playing grounds and now...I feel like I lost a friend...cause even during my losses I knew there was a win somewhere, until I know somehow these games have been changed....and not just the new ones..the old ones have been changed also for the worse....shame...
I'm right there with you on this one ...

I've heard of bad streaks before, but mine with RTG is downright disheartening. I gave them up for a few weeks/almost a month, but got enticed back tonight with a 100% bonus coupon.

I was doing pretty well with their blackjack (for a change), but then the hammer dropped. Finished $8000 worth of wagering at $17.50 from a starting bankroll of $200. :(

Messed around with some slots and it would have been very nice to have hit the $4500+ random jackpot, but no such luck.

Uninstalled and I may just tell the casino to take me off their mailing list ... just too discouraging for me.
The slots are real tight. Never won the random jackpot as well. However,when I played 'for fun',I hit the random jackpot almost immediately at Fruit Frenzy. This makes me more suspicious.
slots are very random

i think slots are very random i think in 10 person just 1 wins i had good wins this month at inet bet 1100$ from 50$ and 600$ from another 50$ all was on slots i keep playing at there they payed me fast even they had a server problems downtime thats the important part i think slots can be very bad some times i wasnt wining for ages at there this month i won and it covered all my loses its pretty good for a casino to give 4-5 match bonus per month you can just find that at rtg casinos
I was playing at palaceofchance with the free $100 last night. Got it up to $12,000 playing mostly fruitfrenzy. Couldn't cash out a penny of it because I never deposited there.:(
tantalos said:
...meaning that slots at other casinos are not tight.. ???
...such as?


Frankly,I do feel that micro slots are much looser. At least I did win small jackpots on zany zebra and jackpot express. Never got the same at RTG.
tfny said:
I was playing at palaceofchance with the free $100 last night. Got it up to $12,000 playing mostly fruitfrenzy. Couldn't cash out a penny of it because I never deposited there.:(

I know there are Ts and Cs but couldnt you at least cash out the freebie amount ie $100.
No, I redeemed a coupon there before. Didn't read the t&c before redeeming. :( Stupid on my part.
tfny said:
No, I redeemed a coupon there before. Didn't read the t&c before redeeming. :( Stupid on my part.

Can comp points be earned with the $12000 you won. You could earn quite a number of comps with your "winnings' and if these are cashable,then at least you can get something.
I don't know , I only have 345.00 left because I was betting 100-125.00 per spin on the slots. I just checked and only have 20 comp pts. Thanks for the suggestion though. Have to say, derbydollars does eat up the money quickly with little payout.
You want to talk about tight slots, how about Boss Media? They're ridiculous.

Clearly Microgaming has the best slots. And they probably make more off of them in the long run, because people probably play them more. They're more appealing and fun to play, imo, than other software, and they pay out. Cash Splash pays out regularly. Microgaming has the right idea.
Comp points

About the comp points. I noticed the only RTG I play at where you get comp points for those kind of slots is iNetBet. That would explain your small comp points balance.

The other thing is I've read in T & C's where you can't cash comp points accrued from free money. Not sure how they enforce that or if they do but that could be a problem.
I have hit a random jackpot on the Cleopatra Slots. Not a big one - but I did hit it. And I have seen posts of people who have also won them at The Pig Post forum.

I have to agree that Diamond Dozen is THE coldest slot of all the Real Time slots, followed by - for me - Aztec Treasure. Cleo is my favorite and then Ronin. I play slots mainly at BreakAway and Sci-Fi for the simple reason that while bonus wagering ahs to be completed on slots, there are no disallowed games. So if the slots are cold I can slip over to Video Poker and goose my balance - well hopefully - LOL!

Oh I cashed out at Breakaway (100% Bonus) recently and Shark (no bonus). INETBET has been eating my lunch but paying everyone else! I recently gave away a couple chips to INETBET and both those players cashed out on slots play. So . . .

I still like RTG Games! I just don't like losing.

I do well on ronin, very well in fact most of the time, but I never win on
diamond, fruit frenzy, or cleo. I do win sometimes on goldbeard. Aztec sucks latley too. I have never hit a random jackpot. A many hours as I have played them, I am due,lol

I like inetbets progressive regular slots, as I have hit the progressives three times on the flaming 7;s. once on the bank on it, and once on bonkers.
I usualy pl ay those and ronin.
Maybe it's time for you to try and quit gambling. This is the second thread started within a week blaming either a casino or a software provider because you lost money there. Are you gambling today? If so, then I'm sure a third thread will be started soon about how the casino ripped you off. It's hard to take you seriously. Repeat after me... " The house has the edge! They will win most of the time!"
Tm5ny, why are you so angry? All I am doing is stating MY opinion..and nothing else..and I see others feel somewhat the the
Maybe it's time for you to try and quit gambling

I know casinos have an edge...and I know they win in the end..and I know its all due to luck when you hit "a big one" and I know gambling is supposed to be FUN!

If it is not FUN.....move on is my thoughts...

I do not blame anyone other than myself for staying any length of time at any given casino if I do not win to
This is the second thread started within a week blaming either a casino or a software provider
, why aren't you blasting the ones that have started numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS threads on how the RTG is messing with the paybacks on the video poker? I don't see you hollering at them for so many threads...on the SAME subject..

All my threads are differing opinions/subjects...and if I am wrong ..then the casinomeister can delete any thread he deems is unsuitable or overused..and I apologize to anyone I have offended.:(
I'm not angry.. and I'm not angry with you. This forum carries alot of influence, and people tend to believe the negative things they read, especially the newbies. Something can be said good or bad about every place.. but we have to be able to discriminate between a rip-off and a bad day's gambling. I agree that the Real Series slots at RTG are terrible most of the time. I've played way too many times without a single bonus round and lost my whole bank roll, and so I closed my account with them... but I saw that others were winning, so I just considered myself unlucky with them.

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