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Aug 28, 2004
new castle
undefinedHey out their if anyone reads this please help. I got a casino off a guy about 5 months ago name I won't disclose until I have tried to solve this matter diplomaticly it cost me about $5,000 at first and then an additional $2,500 for marketing :what: my site was only up for about 1 month until one day he called me and said he was going to be switching software providers. that was 4 moths ago now their are a couple of other shady dealings which would take to much time to type. but I would like to talk to someone about my situation please maybe over the phone I one problem I have as far as criminal fraud goes is he is in canada and I am in the U.S. some one please help. If some one dose help me get my money back I have about 3.5 million opt in 2 names I will give them some with demographics all that he gave me to break up for him and put in sellable form. so if someone will help please leave your im so we can talk.

p.s. my aol im is RamNeich

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