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Just signed on with 7 Sultans and sent them mail with the general questions a player might have.
I have yet to find a casino that replies that quick to an e-mail. I do play a few of the other casinos and I would rate Sultans as one of the best service Casinos.
You are rating them on the basis of a single email?

Play a little longer there. Get a feel for the game. Then send support another mail and see if they respond as quickly (I bet not).

Captain Cook's *guarantees* 10 minute email support. Any casino that even comes CLOSE to that would be good.
If I were you crazyace, I would think long and hard about gambling at 7Sultans, for they have given me nothing but trouble. In fact any casino that uses Proc-cyber is not one I would want to have any dealings with. I just got my bank statement as a matter of fact, and 7Sultans/Proc-Cyber has debited my account for a transaction that was done way back in April. Now is that good client relations?? I think not. I was appalled to see that they could get away with this. See, I thought the money had been debited (still not sure it hadn't been, and I am looking into that), so they caused me to go overdrawn by this mysterious transaction. Just another reason why I hate those guys. I wish I had never stepped foot in that casino now.

Byran,(or Steve) this is for you...I was looking at the list of my transactions that this Vincent w/ Proc-Cyber had sent me, and I just now noticed that some of them are under another acct#. I don't recall ever having any other acct id numbers with them. I am still trying to get in touch with them, but you know how that goes. Any thoughts on this? Or the statement I made above this one? The news just keeps getting worse I am afraid.
Hi Steve,

As for Captain Cooks, are you sure you're not including their email auto-responder, or is it an actual personal message? Just wondering....

Spkrgrl, I'll email them again and see if I can get an answer for you.

No, a for real response to specific problems. I dispise microgaming and it is hard to say something nice about one of their casino's.
I did finally figure out what the other account # was from that was on those documents proc-cyber sent me. Apparently they included "Lucky Nugget" in the dispute scam. I never heard one thing from that casino as to whether they thought I was disputing any amounts. I still think that something is very fishy about billing me now for something that took place way back in April. I am seriously considering disputing now for real many of the debits, for I am hoping by doing that my bank will be able to investigate on whether they duplicate billed me, or something along those lines. I know they had always had a bad habit of waiting sometimes a month before they actually took the money out of my acct, but from April to July?? That is preposterous, and I think it sucks that they are allowed to continue this practice. I had and also bill me on 6/20 for debits on 6/05. Which naturally just sent me further in the whole at my bank. Guess I don't need to eat this month. What is wrong with those people..are they this inept that they can't get the billing done in a timely manner.(I am pretty sure I already know the answer to that). Guess it is easy to pick on the little people like me who won't be able to do anything about it.

Thanks for letting me whine some more.

P.S Thanks again Bryan for doing what u can to help me. It is greatly appreciated.

Captain Cooks responds personally to each message - they do not have an auto-responder.

If Steve says something good about a Microgaming casino, it carries double weight LOL!
Well guys as crazyace was saying that he was rating the casino on service and not who does there e-cash.Spkrgirl i can understand your frustration with proccyber services.i have had a run in with them before myself,but from a consistancy point of view i have had excellent service from 7sultans and that is what makes me happy at the end of the day.the people and the way they really take care of me.thats where i am sticking.

hey guys any tips on how to make me some big money?
What? I said something good about a microgaming casino? They are not all crooks. I did win 8k at Captain Cooks. They did order an audit for the golden palace lock out.

They should let me just win that damn cash splash
It's yours Steve. Might take a little to get it going...but it's a done deal. Your name is on it!


{watch him lose our OPA monies...hahaha}

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