Server crash during STT.. Should I get a refund of entry fee?


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Jul 8, 2004
London, England
I was playing two small STTs (10+1 and $10+$1) on the crypto network on Sat 26th March at approx 10pm GMT and within 10 mins of them starting the network slowed to the point where everyones hands were autofolding then it completely chucked me out of the software. I tried to log back in for over an hour and a half and was getting the message "no active server available"

I had roughly my starting stack of 1000 on both games. I know it was the whole site that was being disrupted because everyone on both games were ranting about it on the chat, and the number of players on the site dropped from over 5000 to 2400 before I got disconnected!!

I have emailed the site twice, once on 27th and again yesterday and have not received a responce :rolleyes:

Although the amount is not really an issue I am pissed that they havnt even bothered to respond to me. This has now made me determined to get my money refunded.

Any thoughts if I am entitled to a refund or is it tough luck?

Thanks people for any replys :thumbsup:
I think the site should refund your money.... I had a disconnection problem at Pacific poker and e-mailed them about it. I was playing small entry sng's and kept getting disconnected from the server. They did not give me any money back, blamed it on the fact that I am still using dial-up (that is soon to change). So, if this is the policy of most online poker rooms, you can forget about getting any money back...
It would be nice to hear from some reps on this one!
Yeah I think they should refund me. Im 100% certain that it was their server problem and nothing to do with my connection. (I even switched to my backup dial up connection but could not access the site).

What im really annoyed with is the lack of email reply from the site, jees I play on there 5+ times a month on 4+ tables in the ring. Well I wont from now on unless I get at least a responce from them if not a refund :rolleyes:
Well, if it's Will Hill, they are notorious for bad customer service. That is why I have not signed up there yet. I am on 2 other cryptos though...
Dreamer said:
Well, if it's Will Hill, they are notorious for bad customer service. That is why I have not signed up there yet. I am on 2 other cryptos though...

WH still hasn't answered my 3 emails from days and days ago. They can stick it where the sun don't shine if you ask me.
Before I had my neteller account, I tried to get in touch with them to see if there was any other way for an American to deposit. They answered my e-mail about 2 or 3 WEEKS later... So far, they have not gotten any of my money. I do think about it, as they offer great bonuses, but it hasn't been worth it so far.
You are going to need a lot of patience on this one...
Good Luck and let us know how things turn out.
It is Will Hill :eek: I cant believe that they dont even have the courtesy to reply, even if it was to tell me that they are not gonna refund me because its in condition number 14000323 of the T&Cs.

I guess ill write it off (Its only about 15) and just only play ring games on crypto from now on.

I have always stood up for Will Hill in the past but it makes me think. What if that had been a 1000+100 or a MTT and I was chip leader on the final table looking at 10000+ to the winner and it crashed.

Thanks for all your comments BTW :thumbsup:
There is a thread about Will Hill over in the casino forum. CS complaints as usual, you can find them all over the net. Since they are in England, it seems that they care more about their shops on every corner than reaching out to every corner of the world...

The reason I would love to hear from a rep is that the problem of server crashes or problems is a new one to me. When you are playing at a casino and get disconnected, your game resumes where you left off. You can return weeks later... Not so with poker. I have had problems at another room, not a crypto, in a freeroll tourney. I think they had way too many people onboard and I was unable to log in to the server. I had to wait about 15 minutes while my hands were being folded. Not a big deal, it was only a freeroll...

The most important thing is to be able to reach customer service when there is a problem. Inter is an excellent crypto, with $100 match this month and good customer service. I feel comfortable playing there and at a few other places. Before I plunk down any large entry fee, I would check to see what the rules are concerning this. And, in my sng's, I wrote down the number of each one, just in case there was a problem. It didn't do me any good, but at least I had the numbers.... If these are the risks we have to take by playing online, then it is probably not worth it... Check out some of those poker hook up rooms for tourneys in your hometown. A local weekly rag ran an article about how they are popping up everywhere. You would be amazed! I also saw an ad for a $150 entry tourney to benefit a local charity... This money is better spent than at some offshore book that doesn't answer their e-mails, imho!
Here is what Party has done in the past during crashes that prevented STT or MTT to finish. I think I have played in 6 that crashed, only once did I even have to email. This has not happened in a while as Paty ugraded their server and prevented this.

Half of the buyins + entry are equally distributed among the remaining players, the other half is divided by % of chips each player had.

You need to ride their ass, that is ridiculous they are ignoring you. There is no way to call them? Maybe Bryan can help. There must be a manager to email right?
Wow thanks for your support guys :notworthy I will call them in the morning and refer to my 2 emails. Thanks to you lot I am gonna fight for my 15!! (They have already lost 100+ in rake monthly after this) I will definately keep you posted dudes :thumbsup:
Just to say I have finally given up with the 15. I called William Hill twice and referred them to the "incident number" I got when I submitted me origional email. Both times I was promised to be contacted the same day and suprise suprise.. nothing.

So sod em and I will take my STTs to betfair as from right now :thumbsup:

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