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Oct 13, 2012
Hi all

I am after some advice. After many years of absolutely compulsive online gambling, and I mean compulsive to extremes you could only imagine - on the 1st November I took the plunge and registered with Gamstop online after reading about it on here - I really wish that I knew about it a long time ago.

Anyway my issue - I registered with Gamstop, I am 100% sure that I put down both of my email addresses that I have as I have used both for casinos. Within 24 hours as promised access to all of my online accounts - I would guess over 20, were closed. Except for one - Netbet.

At this point a few days later, the compulsive gambler in me saw this as an opportunity - I didn't do the right thing and notify them or self-exclude directly - I was starting to feel anxious about not being able to gamble anymore - withdrawal symptoms if you will - and this was my way out.

So I started to deposit, I had one win and withdrew then it all went back in plus more over the course of the last week or so. I am annoyed with myself, frustrated and angry.

I have sat and thought about things over the weekend, I am not sure what the point of my thread is - perhaps it's just a way of venting as I am a very elusive gambler, nobody is aware of the extent of my addiction so I have nobody to talk to about it.

I hate the thought of me not being responsible for my actions, but I also feel like this casino had a duty of care to action my self exclusion from Gamstop as they are registered with them, plus that's kind of the point of it.

With all this in mind, I contacted the casino and said that I feel like they have failed in their duty of care and that their responsible gambling controls had failed - Gamstop had requested the self exclusion and it was effectively ignored.

The casino has asked for proof of my Gamstop registration which I have now provided. It transpires that the casino is stating that because the email I used for registration for the casino was not on the Gamstop file and the fact that I did not register my middle name with Gamstop but I did with the casino they did not action the self exclusion - my first and last name, date of birth, address and postcode are all correct.

I feel angry now, I felt it right that the casino should refund me my deposits from the point that they received the Gamstop notification - there is simply no way they can use the excuse of my email not matching to not execute the self exclusion but that is what they are doing and I have it in writing from them that they did not put the self exclusion in because of this reason.

I feel like them saying because the details didn't match EXACTLY what Gamstop have they are basically allowed to ignore the request makes a total mockery of the Gamstop system - a different email and a middle name are not pre-requisites of identifying a customer I am sure, otherwise I could just go onto their site now and create a new account with the same details just a slightly different email and a new middle name?

Just to be clear, the value of the deposits are extremely low in comparison to the hundreds of thousands I have lost over the last few years and I know this will probably come across as just wanting my money back and being sour about losing, but really it's not - I have money, this is now about principals because I am now fully locked out of all online casinos, I see this as a new start in my life and the opportunity to break free from the addiction.

I am considering taking this to the Gambling Commission, I don't think it's right and in my opinion, they've exploited the Gamstop system.

Interested to hear any thoughts or opinions thanks
all other things aside, if the deposits are negligible and youve sorted being excluded at the casino..maybe...move on? While you may have valid points, rather than belabour them and stress about gambling, focus on other projects and hobbies :)

Netbet by the way, are rouged here at CM -so really, that should be great incentive to stay away
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You're right, I knew you were right before I even posted the thread, I think I just needed to sound off - dealing with everything on your own all the time sometimes takes its toll. I already have an email ready for the gambling commission, I am going to send it anyway if only to inconvenience them - I know I won't get my money back but that doesn't mean I can't go down without being a nuisance!

Just being excluded already feels like a huge weight has been lifted and I think I can start to look forward now

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