Self excluded and they let me reopen account days later


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Jul 11, 2020
I requested that I be permanently self excluded from many online casinos for 18 months to 3 years because I know I have an addiction and no self control.

Casino Rewards first convinced me to put a monthly limit on my account instead. Casino rewards has many online casinos though. I agreed to put a 50 dollar monthly limit on my account but they allowed me to have a 50 dollar limit at all of their casinos. After losing some more money I once again requested to be permanently excluded . They agreed and cancelled my account. They still sent me some free bonus money so I asked them to open my account again just so I could play the bonus money. Even though I was supposed to be excluded for 18 months they opened my account right away . I lost the bonus money and more of my own money .

What's the point in self excluding myself if they're just gonna open it right back up. I admit I have a problem with online gambling and that's why I excluded myself.

They should have never allowed me to play after the first time in requested to be excluded.

After self excluding myself from many casinos iv been getting bombarded with new casino offers and have signed up to more and lost more money.

I requested to Sports interaction that I be excluded as well.

I had to email them to ask and once I finally received a reply they told me I would need to print out a form, fill it out, scan it and send it back in order to be excluded.

Let's just say I'm still not excluded and have lost more money . I shouldnt have to jump through hoops or ask every single online casino in the world to exclude me after I sign up and in their casino.

When will their be a database created for self exclusion from.alll online casinos .

Robert Rabbit

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Jun 21, 2020
Yes they should be self excluding you, but you need a wider solution as it appears that at the moment every time you try to self exclude from one, you race around looking for an alternative one. There are multiple methods to block yourself from all online gambling sites.

I don't know how it works in Canada, but in the UK you can also block your debit card from being able to make gambling transactions. There has never been more help than there is now to stop problem gamblers from being able to access gambling sites. You just have to want to do it and to make the effort to find the solutions.

I'm sure one of the guys on here will point you to the right area. Good luck

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