Sega Casino WTH!


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Sep 1, 2009
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Hi everyone.

I am really piss off. I think this is a joke. First of all, i want to tell you that i have several accounts in online casinos, sometimes i lost, sometimes i won. Its normal.
But with sega casino is all about lost.

I was playing at "night reels", a exclusive slot that only sega casino has. I have 43 euros so i beging playing 0.40. Nothing
Then i lower to .20. Nothing. And then, when i only have 0.5, i only play 5 lines and BAM! bonus. Off course, the feature give me just 2 euros. Then, i lost all the money. I have played 315 spins...and only when a lower the bet they give me the feature!!!
Thats not all...

I have deposited five times here, with REALLY BAD LUCK...and always play the same slot "night reels", so i have a lot of spins more without a feature. I was really excited to know that bonus, thats why i played so much in night reels. More that 700 spins in that slot, only one feature just when i lower the bet...its like a joke.


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What do you think??


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Mar 4, 2008

hello thats not uncommon for a slot like that to be as crap ive gone more than that 1290 spins on another slot & still didnt hit the feature @ 2, 5 ,7.50 a spin but i played a few other slots & bang had much better luck , leave it & drop back on it when you can afford to give it another try , i think your better playing great blue etc etc bigger payouts aswell .best of luck;)


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Jan 30, 2006
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Does that slot bonus payout based on what you, personally, have played into it? Otherwise I don't get it and I'd definitely take the hint and leave it alone.


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May 29, 2004
Nights is definitely a toughie. It has a bonus feature where you get one symbol randomly transfomed into a scatter. The potential for a very big win there is good, but without the feature it eats your money like no tomorrow. Plus it's a fast spinning slot. I've had amazingly long bad streaks on this, but also had a couple of hits of several hundred X bet on the feature. Definitely one you play with care!

It's based on a high variance Playtech slot called "Rome & Glory" (not available at SEGA but is at Bet365 and Betfair) which is almost identical in gameplay and feature.