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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
Remember back in October, I was looking for casinos with different types of games instead of playtech and microgaming? I started playing at Lasserters just about everyday. I loved their variety of games, but no matter how much I deposited, I never won. I could make a deposit on Monday and play off of it untill Friday, but no wins. So I went back to Starluck Casino and won $1500.00 twice in the month of November playing their Predator slot game off of 100.00 deposit.Haven't won anything there since Thanksgiving. So I found CasinoVR. That was a waste of my time and money. I don't think I played a good 15 minutes before my money was gone. And the games suck. Next I tryed They had the type of games I like to play but I didn't have the type of money to play the games. The money ran out as soon as I deposited. No playing time here. They are as bad as the Fortune 5 Group. But today I met my match. It seems this casino found me. It had all the right games. I deposited $75.00 and played for four hours winning and losing. When I reached $1301.75, I pushed myself away from the computer and cashed out. My new favorite casino is They use ezE Cash and tranfers your funds directly back into your checking account. I have used them in the past and I usually receive my money in five days. Just in time for Christmas.
So Bryan, do you know anything about them? Or will this be the once in a life time deal....I will let you know if they pay out as fast as I won on a first try. Glad you are back and wishing all players a PROSPOROUS MERRY CHRISTMAS. :yes: }

I hit an instant 500.00 on Silver City and the rest was on Predator. Saturday night I stop playing when I made it to 500.00. So a two day total is 1801.00. The Predator game is hot. Try it out and let me know how you do. Good Luck.


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