SecurityTracker Alerts - Aug 8 2005


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Jun 30, 1998
SecurityTracker Monday Morning Vulnerability Summary - Aug 8 2005
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SecurityTracker Alerts: 17

Vendors: Apple Computer - Business Objects - -
Computer Associates - - Naxtor Technologies -
NetCPlus - - Pablo Software
Solutions - - - - Symantec - - web content
management - [Multiple Authors/Vendors]

Products: Apple Font Book - BrightStor ARCserve -
BusinessMail - BusinessObjects Enterprise - ChurchInfo -
Crystal Reports - Dump - Eventum - Naxtor Shopping Cart -
Norton GoBack - OpenBook - PHPFreeNews - PHPlist - Quick 'n
Easy FTP Server - SilverNews - VBZooM - web content management


1. SilverNews Input Validation Holes Let Remote Users
Inject SQL Commands and Remote Authenticated Users Execute
System Commands

2. Dump Lets Local Users Deny Service By Locking a
Certain File

3. ChurchInfo Input Validation Holes Permit SQL Injection

4. 'web content management' Lets Remote Users Add
Administrative Accounts or Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

5. Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Input Validation Bug in
USER Command Lets Remote Users Deny Service
All this and more here:
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