Secret Slots free spins


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Feb 11, 2013
Bonnie Scotland!
I've basically been getting 3 free rounds every day from Secret Slots for months these are capped at 0.30 and sometimes 0.50. This is fine it's free and only 3 free rounds...However today I received 30 free rounds and thought "great should be a higher cap" so I did the free rounds and to my absolute horror it was still capped at 0.30?! :mad:

I phoned customer services explaining I'd won over £22 who confirmed "No, 0.30 is what you get from these" so understandably I said "what on earth was the point in putting me through 30 mind numbing spins to get just 0.30?" She said "All free spins are capped some a higher cap than others some as much as £5-£10 :rolleyes:"

I said to her "hypothetically if I put in £50 and got 100 free spins, would these still be capped?" She said "Yes but it would be a higher cap" thoughts were"oh cosmic love!!" Needless to say if I have the stupidity to deposit here again I'll not be taking a bonus/free spins(ripoff) and if I clean them out I'll just close my account! :thumbsup: Just imagine you hit the jackpot on the spins and only got a tenner!!

My advice is don't take any free spins or deposit bonuses from here it really isn't worth the aggro!


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Aug 29, 2012
Oh cosmic love :laugh:

My thoughts exactly