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Dec 15, 2020

New member, I have discussed this situation privately with a couple members already and they suggested making a forum post for everyone to share feedback and brainstorm.

I have been scouring the forum for information all night because I have a SE playing out with an online casino.

I self excluded from an online casino end of November because I was spending too much money during a session and felt like this would hold me accountable for my budget (mission accomplished).

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I make a deposit on the “new” casino with the exact same information I use for any online gaming that I do, right up to the username, everything the exact same.

I accumulate a solid session of winnings, submit the withdrawal request and I’m asked to submit verification. I do so and I am verified, I wait a few days into the week and no update on withdrawal, I attempt to login to my account and it refers me to customer service.

Now I’m starting to get sketched out, I open the live chat get connected with someone and they advise me the account was closed because of self exclusion. I say thats not possible I just signed up and they said did you make a request for SE at casino (x), my stomach dropped.

I said yes but my exclusion was made with said casino and I was never advised about any affiliations, the agent apologized and said I should have been and he will look into my withdrawal request.

He responded a few minutes later saying the withdrawal had been granted and was waiting for processing. I am so grateful in this moment because it was very clearly an honest mistake and I feel entitled to the winnings, naturally.

A week goes by and no update. I contact them again, deal with another agent who says still pending review by management because of a manual withdrawal.

I asked for clarification as to what that means and they said because my account was SE the withdrawal had to be done manually on their end.

I asked for clarity with regards to this withdrawal being honoured and he confirmed 100% it will be not 50/50 he said 100%.

Now from many forum discussions, is the agent relaying factual information or is “the management review process” going to void my winnings, which quite frankly would be extremely unsettling given neither casino hosts the others name on their respective sites.

My interpretation of the SE with regards to sister sites is as follows:

“We would like to mention when a player puts a self-exclusion without any signs of gambling problems, a self-exclusion period sets up just for one project where it was initiated, not for all casinos under the same license.”

Their own T&C say this in reference to confiscating winnings: “6.5 Winnings may be confiscated when a player has self-excluded themselves from gambling at other casinos due to gambling addiction/problems.”

May be confiscated not will be confiscated, so I’m wondering do they legitimately look at these situations as case by case?

Under MGA licenses self exclusion is per brand, not licence. I believe even though the said casinos are hosted in Malta they have Canadian gaming licenses. I also never mentioned having any gambling problems during my request for SE simply that I was spending too much money.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, as most have probably noticed, I have not named either casino as I just don’t want to shake the tree too much until I know what actions are going to be made on my winnings.

I attached a screenshot of the conversation with the referenced agent and just FYI the casinos are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

I don’t know if that provides you more insight possibly, thanks again for your time and my apologies for the long read.

Have a great day!


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Jun 30, 1998
Welcome to the forum, I snipped the link to that other website to save you the grief of being accused of spamming the forum. We have our own list of Canadian casinos - and you could just refer to that - or name and shame.


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Dec 15, 2020
Welcome to the forum, I snipped the link to that other website to save you the grief of being accused of spamming the forum. We have our own list of Canadian casinos - and you could just refer to that - or name and shame.
Fair enough! What is the protocol with posting the names of said casinos if I have to eventually go the ADR route?

Should I just keep them unnamed for now?

Thank you for the welcome! Look forward to getting some feedback from all the quality members here.

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