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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
i hoped that i would never have to do this, especially since i only ever play MG.

first of all i will point out that i have never made a PAB and have always been able on every occasion sort out my problems here with the reps of the various casinos without even mentioneing it on this section of the forum, however my problem has been going on since october and CS has been unhelpful.

the problem.

in a nutshell, i deposited 50 in jupiter club in sept/oct played about with it and forgot about it, then on a certain date in october when it was my birthday i was given a 20 NO DEPOSIT BIRTHDAY BONUS, but this bonus now trappped my funds. i have been requesting since october to have this bonus removed, they refuse to do it, despite the fact i never asked for it!!!.

to make things worse (check my previous threads on this subject) when getting the bonus i was given that all important "software update" which means i cant even play the games!!!!
If this is PAB material, then Scrollock my friend, your online Casino experience is going smoooooothly:thumbsup:

What, you guys gave me free money? I'm going to PAB! Well, at least this one shouldn't take too much of Bryan's time - a simple e-mail should suffice...

Seriously though. In a way I can understand why you're pissed - they should have removed the $20 upon your request. And they should not attach a WR to a birthday gift:what: What kind of a present is that??

Unresponsive CS seems to be a real problem with a lot of casinos these days...

There is a certain Casino where I play...whenever they give gifts, there is never any WR attached, and their CS is never unresponsive...and an issue like this would be settled in a heartbeat..

I think Scrollock is mad becuase he cannot withraw money he deposited before they gave him the bday bonus a long time later. That would piss me off too.
realwtfsup said:
I think Scrollock is mad becuase he cannot withraw money he deposited before they gave him the bday bonus a long time later. That would piss me off too.

I know, it'd piss me off too, like I said in my post

Hi scrollock,

If they added a Birthday bonus to your funds then the WR, if any, should only apply to the Birthday funds.

Why? Well, logic dictates that if you get a deposit bonus that you must play through both the deposit and bonus money X amount of times.

If the funds were awarded based merely on a holiday, such as your birthday, then only the bonus funds awarded should be required for WR.

Therefore, the only course of action that is justifiable by Juniper Club is that they allow you to withdraw your funds AND keep the bonus in your account.

I cannot emphasize the AND enough here. They deposited the funds to your account of their own freewill and thus can only place WRs on the Birthday funds.

That's the short of it. No if, ands or buts Juniper Club! Do the right thing - follow the rules as you expect players too! :mad:

That's my two cents.
I agree with Slick Willy here - the casino (Jupiter Club?) made a unilateral decision without Scrollock's involvement to put money in his account as a "birthday bonus" and this action is therefore not binding on him. This *gift* should therefore be regarded as entirely seperate from the other contents and conditions pertaining thereto in Scrollock's account.

If he doesn't want the bonus or its impact on the other funds in his account, then the casino should have the courtesy and sensitivity to remove it (and its conditions)
Casinomeister said:
For the record, I was told on the 21st of December that this was being looked into.

they not got round to resolving it,

however it does seem to have resolved itself, when they converted to the EZ bonus system last week my money became withdrawable, however they forgot to subtract the bonus.

should i offer to pay it back ?

or keep it to compensate myself for the hassle i have had ?

afterall it was meant to be a birthday present:lolup:

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