Dormant account
Feb 10, 2004
I am new to this site and I absolutly love it. I was wondering if someone could give me some info on how to get a casino to payout. I have been playing at for about a year or so.

I have 5 or 6 payouts in this time and never had a problem collecting until now. I cashed in a withdrawal request on 1-26-04 and have not received my winnings yet. At worst the casino has always paid within a week. The casino stated to me 4 days after the request that I had multiple accounts and that they would not be able to pay me. I contacted them back a day later and they tell me everyting is fine and that they are just behind and I should be hearing from accounting soon. I called them yesterday and they said my payout would be processed that day. I sent them an email last night and no response so far. This is unlike them since I have been gambling there.
Does anyone have a suggestion on why now out of the blue that they are trying to avoid paying me? I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this matter. I also notice that this casino is on the AVOID list on bet2gamble. I wish I had found this site and bet2gamble long ago. They owe me 1370.00 as it stands now. If anyone could help please contact me.

Thank You
Pitch a Bitch

I have now pitched a bitch. I hope this can be resolved and i can get my money. THANX for your help.

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