Screwed over by Playtech


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Apr 7, 2004
Just wanted to know if anyone else has been screwed over by particular swiss casino, and casino las vegas. I put in the $100 and 100pounds to get the 100% bonus's and after flat multihand blackjack betting crashed out at $0 on both Casinos after about 150 this just a statistical anomoly or are we all being screwed?

How much do you bet each hand?
Did you loose all the money in 150 hands?
Check your playlog and you will see the details, then I'll tell you how likely it is.
I play with playtech casinos from time to time and I win often. Last night I won $216 from europa casino playing their 4 line video pokers. I've not noticed anything unusual with playtech, so far.
I had a similar experience as you hhcfreebie, but mine was at sports interaction on 4 line vp. Always had decent luck at playtech casinos, except for Kiwi lately.
arzc2000 said:
yeah lost it all in 150 rounds (or thereabouts) $5 a hand (3 hands [multihand blackjack] at a time)arz

To just give a general idea, I'm going to assume a 100/100 play 3000 deal. Given that, I think betting $15/round would have a risk of ruin of somewhere around 40%. If so, it's not too surprising you busted.

Multi-hand always screws me up and I never play it on-line, but I think $5/hand on 3 hands would give about the same level of risk as if you played single hand at $11/hand. In real casinos, I would only spread to multiple hands in situations where I have the advantage based on the count. And in those situations your optimal bet for one hand is always more than the optimal bet per hand for 2 or more hands. In other words, you end up with more money on the table but not twice or three times as much.

Don't know your starting bankroll or WR's but my guess is the problem is more with unit size as a percentage of bankroll than Playtech.
"Payment style"...i like that. I've had good luck at and always been paid by Playtech outfits, including a recent payout from New York. The best part is, I always get paid by check and find great amusement in their "Allow up to 21 days for delivery" emails. They mean it. The Pony Express rides again!

The guy has a bankroll of only $200 and he was betting $5 per hand for
3 hands every round. It would be a miracle if you don't bust out! Don't blame
PlayTech, blame yourself! Sorry pal, your bet size is just too large for
your bankroll.
Yesterday I was playing playtech's JoB 4 lines betting maximum ($100 per hand).
I lost first hand. Second hand comes up with a pair of king. I hold the pair and one of my line draw up 2 more kings. :notworthy
That's a total of $25x3+$25x25=$700 payout. I won $500 in 5 seconds, they must be rigged to let me win so much. :D
My expererience

I've played both Casino Las Vegas and Swiss Casino and profited very nicely. I have no complaints about them or Playtech in general.
Is it a software bug?

I received $30 monhtly bonus in Swiss casino, built it to $200 playing multihand BJ. Than I placed 2 hands $30 bets each, won one and lost one. It showed I won $60 but my bank was still showing $140 and did not increase after the bet. I called CS, A CS guy checked the history and told me that indeed some error happened and they are going to credit my account with $60. So if you play Playtech be aware of possible bug(s) in their software or maybe even an operator doing something fishy. You have to monitor your banroll all the time to avoid being cheated.

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