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Oct 28, 2002
I took a couple months off, but even coming back I still cant win a dime. Screw it all, its all a waste of time. Gambling sucks ass, I could have bought a porsche with what I lost in the last 2 years. I hope all the online casinos go out of business. Freaking gambling infiltrates every aspect of life it seems, you just cant get away from it, its on the internet, TV, on the billboards as you go down the street, at your neighbors house. They are making money off of our hard earned cash, and all they have to do is offer a stupid game that you have a slim to none chance of winning. Not to mention that they make it so addicting that you foolishly throw your money away in a drunken daze. Oh well, they will get thiers someday, what goes around comes around. Fuck them all and fuck anyone that promotes this kind of bullshit, I am out.

Do us all a favor and quit gambling (and posting). Obviously you can't afford to gamble. You've been trashing each and every casino you have played at as long as I remember. In another thread you're even hinting that a casino with live dealers is rigged. You're such a joke.
You know what, why don't you suck my balls you fuck. I probably make more money than most people on this board, but that doesn't mean I am going to spend it. You are probably afilliated with some online casino. They all suck, I don't give a shit its not even worth my while. I will keep bitching about every online casino that I feel like bitching about, because its a free country. Any casino that seems to be getting too lucky all the time is doing something to screw over the player.
Ah, come on! Is this descent to the gutter really necessary?

You're understandably upset by your losing circumstances and belief that everything is rigged but is this abuse and "I earn more than you" immaturity right for the board?
I view anyone that is out to seperate me from my money as my enemy. No casino is anyones friend, they only want your money. I am irritated at the whole industry, too many bad things have happened to me. Hell, I watched my father spend a fortune at land based casinos and now he is in poor health and has spent most of his savings, that alone makes me hate it. I hate the industry and I want to do as much damage to it as I possibly can. I see it as war, gambling suck ass, it should be outlawed for the good of society.
Well, toofast4u's account has been suspended until he promises not to swear at people in the forum anymore.

This thread is related to this one here (which he started as well)

And my response would have been about the same. Gambling is not for everybody, just like drinking. If you can't accept the fact that you are paying for entertainment, you shouldn't be doing it. As they say, the house ALWAYS wins. Don't fool yourself. When you are making a deposit at a casino, milk it for as long as you can and have fun. The fun involved is the CHANCE of winning, and when you win, you should expect to be paid.

Fuck them all and fuck anyone that promotes this kind of bullshit, I am out.

Well, good. You shouldn't be throwing your money away then. Save your money, or invest it in the stock market, which is another form of gambling but not as entertaining.
It sounds to me like he really should contact Gambler's Anonymous. If his father had the bug and gambled his savings away, and toofast saw that and still decided to gamble anyway, then its probably in the genes, not unlike alocoholism.

If you're reading this toofast, then please give a call to GA. I think they can help you rid yourself of the gambling bug.
Ditto. Here you go toofast4you
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It may be in your best interest to read what they have to say.


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