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Jul 25, 2017
A few megaways games didn't even give me any feature at all(thank you Mr. Genie & Gorilla 4 screen slots). I wonder if I had 50k subscribers on a YouTube channel if I'd bonus those games some day? I went to Gaelic Luck to finish me off. This is the winning shot from after 10 free spins.


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Sep 8, 2013
When a NDB at Casino Rewards is one spin away from ending in a bustout,
only for that spin to find not just one way to give you the finger, but THREE. :mad:

I was playing MM Isis at 50p a spin. After a dead spin, my balance drops to 8p.
So in order to "kill the bonus", I decide to play 4 lines at 2p, rather than 8 lines at 1p,
figuring that would increase my chances of a dead spin which would allow me to head for the exits.

But instead, this happens....


Un. F*cking. Real. I don't get so much as a sniff of a feature while playing 50p spins,
but the very second I am forced to reduce my lines, you chuck in 3 scatters like it was the easiest
thing to accomplish in the history of the universe. Son of a f.....

At this point, I just bloody KNEW the RNG was going to "randomly" (PAH!! :rolleyes:) pull out a monster
hit on an inactive payline. Sure enough, it didn't disappoint....


If I was playing max lines (or if the wild on reel 3 had landed on the middle row),
that would have been a win of £420. So yeah, thanks for that RNG :puke:

And then, the final insult.....


Yep, that's right. The win that triggered the feature made up the entirity of the win.
20 free spins ended up becoming 20 DEAD spins. Not even one scatter win for a paltry 96p *

* Not that I would have wanted one anyway :laugh:

I busted out the very next spin. As Paul Calf would say.....



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Mar 2, 2019
To be honest it's a better version on jammin. Feature drops in fairly often and there usually around the 100x mark for me, but yeah you do still get stinkers.
Supposedly a higher potential max-win also.
Wonder if wins are capped at 10 000x/250k like on other blueprints.
Would make that extra potential kind of pointless.


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Sep 8, 2013
Another post that falls into the "Extra spins mean extra wins? Pull the other one mate" category.....

Let's start with Dead Or Asf*ckinggoodasdead 2 by NetF*ckAllWinsEnt....

Note to self: When you select the Train Heist feature and somehow get the 5 extra spins,
TRY to curb your optimism and prepare for mega trolling and disappointment instead.
Because it's less painful that way.


So far so good. Reached the 16x multiplier for the 5 extra spins with 10 spins remaining,
giving me at least 15 spins on a multiplier of at least 16x.
Here's my chance to finally hit something decent on this. Or so I stupidly thought.....


Uh......yeah. That'll teach me to be the king of wishful thinking, won't it? :rolleyes:

I wasn't expecting 1,000x or anything. But to not even get to 50x? You gotta be shitting me.
21 spins after the re-trigger, all with a multiplier of 16x or better, yielded a grand total of 7x.
Total win for the round: 46x bet. :mad:

So Train Heist has now been permanently renamed (in the form of two anagrams) that accurately reflect my disgust at and disdain for this trolling hot garbage feature....

Shite Train, It Ran Shite

Next up....UGottaBeJo King by Shagmatic Slay


Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ah oh he he aha ha ooh he ha aha.
And I thought HTML5 Rhino's jokes were bad.
59 spins for a total win of.....35.25x bet. Wonderful. :rolleyes:

Next up....Danger Highly Revolting by Bog Time Gaming


Danger!, Danger!, High TROLLtage!! When you much. Take the piss.
Danger!, Danger!, Hi.....oh STFU already! :mad:
30 spins, total amount won from those 30 spins: 27.05x bet.

And last (but not quite least), SlimeAl Smegaways by PooPrint


Yeah this one was a shower of shit from the start. Got the feature, then a re-trigger.
15 spins played and I have won less than 10x bet.
So out of the goodness of Blueprint's hearts (yeah right! :rolleyes: ), I get another 10 spins.
And they were about as effective as a catflap in an elephant house.
25 spins, total win of 18.4x bet.

I asked Brian Blessed what his thoughts on re-triggers were. He didn't disappoint me....

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