Scoblete's Slot players' money management


Ueber Meister Mouse
Sep 12, 2004
While I am no fan of Casino City, I like to read the experts' articles.

If Bryan or mods object to the link to Scoblete's cct page, feel free to disable the link, no hard feelings.

Scoblete ...
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There are three major categories when it comes to slot articles written for slot players. The first is to discuss particular machines; how they are designed, why they are fun and, perhaps, where they can be found. The second category focuses on the various intricacies of slot machines such understanding what the RNG (random number generator) is and how it works; how machines arrive at the payback percentages and comparing hit frequencies with winning hits.

The first two categories are certainly interesting and important for slot players to know. However, I like to dwell more in the third category -- I guess you could call that the "money management" category.....