Dormant account
Mar 3, 2002
I know, shoot me. I just finished reading that sci-fi-casino is a bad casino (i'm new here) but I've been playing there maybe about 6 or 7 times and won enough 1 time to cash out $100 ahead (2nd time I played) but ever since then it seems that their odds on bj just dont feel right.This last time I played I wrote down my wins and losses, do they seem aceptable to you?
48 hands played.
31 hands lost with dealer getting 2 black jacks.
12 hands won with 0 black jacks.
5 pushes.
By the way, the dealer won the last 12 out of 13 hands in a row! till I was finally broke. I would sum it up to bad luck except that my other days of playing there were equally as bad. The only reason I kept going back was that i had a new Neteller account and it was the first casino i saw that accepted payments through this method.
Now that I know it is a rogue I wont be going back, but I still was wondering if the game play seemed fair and if all RTG casinos are the same?
Whew! -Good thing i had a cold beer nearby.