Sci Fi Casino versus the OPA

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Dec 12, 2000
This is from an email from SF Casino to VPR Man, posted previously by "VPR Man" on, and subsequently removed at the request of Sci Fi Casino.

"[The Player in discussion] came in from a "hacker's" site where Sci-Fi-Casino was targeted as a newbie for the OPA bonus scammers to take advantage of. "

I take umbrage at so seeing the Online Players Association portrayed.

It is true that the Online Players Association has many skilled player members. However, it is a violation of the OPA's code of ethics for a player to engage in fraudulent activity such as using false identification, using fake credit cards, opening multiple accounts, reversing charges, and similar scamming. Players have been denied membership in the OPA when such is proven to our satisfaction.

The OPA is not an organization of "bonus scammers". In fact, the OPA has many casinos as members.

If the SciFi Casino is having problems due to their own bonus designs--such as offering 40% on deposits--it is because they are throwing their money out the door, not because of criminal activity on the part of players *merely publicizing their promotions* on message boards.

As far as I know, there was no "hacking" or manipulation of software or hardware. If a member of the OPA were involved in such activity, we would very much like to know. All the players did was sign up and play. What is wrong with that? Isn't that the purpose of a promotion? publicizes low edge games, surely they can see how a player with a 30-40% bonus might, gasp, win!

The OPA cannot save a casino from its own bad management decisions. Players should be cautious of a casino with escalating bonuses and lengthening cashin periods; it is a strong indication of a casino taking more "action" than it can financially support and eventually closing leaving players unpaid.

As VPR Man of has so graciously offered to mediate any player disputes with his advertisers, I encourage players to utilize his services in this regard before posting on any message boards.

Players doing so will want to make their own arrangements concerning their player information with VPR Man, as he has stated on boards that he considers slandered casinos justified in publicizing player information in their own defence.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
This is a disgraceful breach of player privacy by both SciFi and VPR in my opinion.

It is also clear that neither body knows much about the OPA, it's significant membership, objectives, rules and track record. To refer to the Association as a "scammer" body is outrageous and deserving of an apology if only for the complete ignorance it displays.

If SciFi continues to behave like this I would be surprised to see them around for much longer.


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Sep 14, 2001
I see Don has been spreading happiness and light over the web, better than a soap opera is Don, and who in their right mind gambles at a place called "sci fi casino" anyway, ROTFLMAO


I fear that foofoo has been drinking this Monday night.

Personally, however, if I had to pick a reputable casino by the url it would be "Britney Spears Casino". I heard she gave up on her recent tour to give the online gambling get rich quick scheme a shot. :)


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Sep 14, 2001
** wakes up, upside down in a pool of pewk showing frilly knickers**

Sci Fi casino ROTFLMAO --wheres my Gin

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