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Dec 12, 2002
Does anyone have any experiences, positive or negative, with Sci-Fi or Angel Citi? Has RTG REALLY made in headway in solving the licensee problems?

I really like Double Double Jackpot Poker, and these look the most promising. I am W-A-A-Y-Y-Y above average in getting four of a kind... except at 32red, 808 straight hands and nary a four bagger.

The only thing more disappointing than losing is winning and not getting paid.

You should get plenty of responses to this one, and it usually brings out certain portal masters in vehement defence!

Sci-Fi has been relatively quiet in a message board sense recently but was the centre of much criticism on WOL last year due to the rather high-handed attitude of manager Mark Delano and allegations of wrongful bonus disqualifications, slow no pay, along with a gross privacy issue. Other posters here may have more up to date information - DonG for example.

Despite some questions over it's corporate tactics in a stock market context (on which Mary can brief you if you wish this), Angelciti has a lot of fans and from what I have seen has been paying out promptly and efficiently. You probably know there are several casino titles in its group.

RTG did resolve a number of issues, but some were still ongoing last I heard. The OPA sent them a number of complaints because, being on the NR list that was the extent to which OPA could get involved in terms of its policy toward RTG. They have lost licensees to Playtech in recent months.
My experience with Welcome to Our Casino (an AngelCiti RTG site) has turned out to be positive.

Being my first online casino membership, I was not fully aware of the sensitivity to bonus abuse, and processed several small bonuses within a few minutes during my first Welcome to Our Casino deposit session. After that, my intentions being honest, I played through about $5000 during the next few days.

Evidently, my bonus coupon activity raised a red flag in the credit department. When I requested a partial withdrawal my account was cancelled, and my deposits were credited back to NETeller. When I called support, Anthony explained the reason, looked at my record, and reinstated my account with the correct balances... plus $15 for my trouble.

I am pleased with the way in which Anthony handled this mixup. My first withdrawal has just gone through... requested Friday PM and credited on Monday AM... and I am now satisfied that I can trust Welcome to Our Casino with my business.

My only concern now is that they will change their excellent games and pay tables. With Worldwide Management becoming a subsidiary of iChance, will the RTG software be replaced with iChance's SVI software in February?

Well there imswhite, good for you, the truth is that your right, Angelciti is a good casino and I myself have played there before. Recently I found another RTG software casino by the name of Nostalgia Casinos, they also seem to be doing a good job at bonuses and how they manage transactions, all in a good way.

You and "lynlynlu" (who is a Panda) :eek:
have been SPAMMING multiple forums with this SHILL CRAP-O-LA.

RTG casinos are a "tough sell" to begin with,
due to all the ongoing problems players have
had with them.

So adding SHILLS is obviously a good reminder to
many of us, of what a sleazy, poorly run operation
RTG casinos really are.

I would definitely never play at any of this "new group" of casinos now. :puke:
Sheesh, all this spamming of Nostalgia is starting to get to me.

It makes me kind of sorry I posted such a postive message about Nostalgia. Are they that desperate for business? Or is it a rogue affiliate?

If it is an affiliate, how come she is not posting her affiliate ID? Kinda makes me wonder if someone from the casino is responsible for this.
Yes, this is a bit troubling, and since it is not an affiliate (no affiliate links), it could be ascertained that it is someone connected to the casino.

But mind you, this person is probably connected to the casino in a minor way (I would hope). To take on two personas (Lynlyn and wareman are the same person) and post thoughout a forum thinking no one would catch on is juvenile behaviour, not becoming of anyone involved in management. I've met the operators and they are decent intellegent people.

Notice since I busted him or her out, she/he's remained silent. Which is a shame since the posts won't be deleted; they will remain here locked in cyberspace, destined to become archived, and become another part of spam history for anyone who cares enough to do the research.
"Spam history"? God Help Us All.

Weeding though my inbox on a daily basis is enough to give me an upset stomach. But imagine someone weeding through archives of weekly, monthly, or yearly spam? Now that's just too scary a thought. Than again, sometimes good detective work requires this. Just ask Mary.
Ok, I hit 4 aces on the Double Double Jackpot Bonus .50 Poker Machine for $400. I requested a cashin and 48 hours later it was credited to my NETeller account.

That is service!

Thank you guys for your input.

Thank you guys for all your input. I do love Double
Glad that Welcome to Our Casino worked out well for you too, bighawk!

I could only speak from my own experiences and share them with other forum members... and hope that they did not cause others to be ripped off.

I now have another experience to relate in this thread. I have had very good luck with Sci-Fi! They have several full pay 5 cent video poker games (including Deuces Wild) and frequent small promotions.

In my initial contacts with them, I felt like they assumed that I was trying to rip off their sign-on bonus. But as I used their casino they were very responsive to my newbie type questions. And when I requested my first cash-in, they had it credited a cash-in back into my NETeller account in less than 24 hours!! :)

I plan to check out two more RTG casinos... Portofino and Vegas Crown... which are supposed to have all full pay video poker games. Any feedbck on them would be appreciated.

Good luck to all!


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