- What the hell!


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I have heard that there are casino rules that are extremely grotesque, but for some reason it took me 15+ years of online gambling before I actually fell for this shite! Let me explain why I find a casino like shite, correct me if I am wrong.

Deposit of €13, low deposit for a 200% match.

So I start getting it together and it seems I have a winner, good wins and upto €380 some before suddenly the first out of three active bonuses are completed and some fancy mathematics that then converts the balance into real euroes by dividing by 5. So now my balance is €65.

Is it only me that finds this insanely retarded that you convert "bonus" money - as if they were less worth than anything else given all winnings are credited to bonus account during play - are less worth. Basically this means if you were more lucky and by the time the rollower completed you won €10.000 - you would suddenly lose €8000 in the "real money comversion".

What really pissed me off here, is that as I said this was the first of three active bonuses to complete, as the system wrongly added the usual 100% match on top of the special 200%. And do not forget the 30 freespins of starburst - the third bonus. When I talked to support that explained in a very professional and clean writing how they divided by 5 to convert the bonus money and that this was well informed in their rules, and I was also notified that all their bonuses did this so not to worry... Why support had to add this detail about all their bonuses when I was asking about one certain bonus made me think, what a sneaky piece of writing. I honestly felt like someone was pissing in my face, as in my head this text.

I havnt read their rules yet, I couldnt survive the drop from €380 to €65 especially when I understood that the 30 freespins were about to do the process all over again - removing again 80% of the value of my money.

I asked if my low deposit had anything to do with the extremely low possible payout but the answer was no - so if I deposited €100 and won €1000 I would still only get €200. I gotta say... SHITE!

On the other hand, I guess all this is blabla in the end if its in their rules. After all - if a casino makes a change in their rules and inserts this one:

"When playing with bonus money, all winnings are void and will be removed"

You can't get any help or expect any positive encouters with anyone as everyone will say - stupid is as stupid does. If you do not read the rules, what can you do when the rules basically state that you should shoot yourself in the head...

I want to make a casino - it seems incredible easy to fuck people over in the name of rules and accepting terms. The casino runs all sorts of brands so why does the brands allow such people to use their software? Is it really that easy to get away with stealing.

I mean, its bad enough with all the casinos actively stalling withdrawals wasting weeks waiting for you to reverse and lose the money. But this - chopping of 80% aswell - holey fuck I need to read rules and spend more time wrinting blogs containing my experience of this insanely rouge casino.

Their casino even looks good, great selection of gaming brands aswell... and they setup their casino package with a bonus regime that probably eliminates surely 90% or more of all withdrawals if the user was dumb enough to take it... that is, not awake so that it were possible to contact support and get it removed to avoid being screwed over.