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Jul 27, 2021
New to Casinomeister forum and could do with some advice please!! I'm a regular player who's been doing so since 2015, medium to high stakes at times but nothing extreme. On all the usual reputable sites, Leo, Party, <snipped spam link> etc and have never had an issue so far. Came across 'All British Casino' and their 10% deposit cashback seemed a great idea so joined up. First impression was great, all the games, easy to navigate so seemed a decent choice.

First evening session, deposited a total of £1k, played, withdrew £900. Then came the first email, Time to verify! Usual stuff, more than used to it, picture of bank card, utility bill, bank statement. All sent in instantly, thought was a done deal and would be sorted within the usual 24 hours or so.

Thinking all was good, played again, higher stakes but not a disaster, so have £2k in my account (£600 down overall, ahhhh), so at this point attempt to cash out the remaining £2k and call it a day. Only one withdraw at a time, fine! This is where it become ridiculous. Recieved the 'Documents Required' email after my second night on the casino.

So far i have sent in (as requested) before ANY withdraw is authorised, my previous three months statements on three bank accounts, one credit card statement, two tenancy agreements (rental income), three payslips, proof of savings, driving licence, cards, copy of a loan agreement I took out, it is a completely ridiculous.

Have made numerous calls to customer service, in all fairness, very nice staff, but only to be told to wait for another email. Really starting to think this an elaborate scam of an untrustworthy Casino, or am i wrong?? I have the original £900 still pending and £2k just sat there and nothing happening.

Don't really know where to take this, only 8 days in now but seems somethings not right??

Any advice???


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Nice try to slip in a link to such a "usual reputable site". They've sent shills here before.

Adios, dude.

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