Scam at Geisha Lounge


Ken Brooks

I would like to warn others of Geisha Lounge Online Casino's payout policy.
They are offering $20 free when you open an account and deposit $20 to your
account. As with any other casino
they do require you to put into play $40 before
cashing in. Here's where the scam starts. Once you have played $40 and lets
say you have $40 in winnings...a 100% profit. You will get your $20 refunded
back to your credit card, BUT you will NOT get your $20 profit. Why? Their
"Policy" is to not send ANY cheques less than $30. This means ANY amout you
deposit to play at their casino, you will not collect ANY wiinings unless they
are in excess of $30. In their promo you have $40 to
play with a $20 investment. But if you plan on ANY
winnings over your $20 you must have turned the $40 into $50 AFTER putting
$40 into play. I have played MANY online casinos and real casinos...I have
NEVER been give a min. requirement of
how much profit I need to make to qualify for my
money. In my opinion this is a TOTAL SCAM!!!
A representative of their casino replied to me say "To clear the record,
GeishaLounge has a minimum cashout requirement of $20. Therefore, if you
purchase for $20, and you only have a $19 balance after playing, we will
credit this to your player account. Should you have $20, or above, we will
make payment directly to you. The reason for this policy is the costs of
cheques and credit card charges are too high to facilitate direct payments
below $20."
He failed to tell me that ANY wiinings over my intitial deposit WOULD NOT be
paid unless over $30!!

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