sailawaycasino is breakawaycasino


Dormant account
Sep 9, 2005
I was going to make a account with sailaway casino but there software says breakaway casino. I dont see a point in it. I was about to clam a bonus but i cant becuase I would be creating a breakaway casino account again.
Theyt are in same group.Try to login with your breakaway account.If it dont accept<now you can open a new account again in sailway.
They're the same thing. Sailaway and Breakaway.
If you are looking for another casino on the same group you can check out the aesthetically ridiculous (and phaser fire impervious :sniper: ) SciFi Casino.
I'm pretty sure their group includes that one (one of the hardest to miss casinos on themarket).
On the plus side they have same day payouts and Breakaway sent me some really excellent Costa Rican coffee.
On the minus side they use RealTime Gaming software which I don't care for.
Check out sci-fi since they might be offering similar bonuses but be aware what kind of software you'll be playing with.

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