I am very glad to see that SafeBet has been placed on the ROGUES list. It is high time SAFEBET is publicly identified as a sham organization. "Fox guarding the henhouse" is exactly right. SafeBet, RealTimeGaming software and support, and the owner of many RTG casinos are all headquartered within about a 10 mile radius in Atlanta, Georgia. It is all about PROFIT for Kim Douglas; fairness to the customers and safety of our money are of little import.
From a post I made on another board over 3 months ago in answer to the question "are SafeBet certified casinos really safe?":

Member posted 03-31-2001 10:11 PM
My opinion [and it is an informed one] is that SafeBet goes along with whatever their member casino says.
Rule #8 [from "Standards of Fairness" for SafeBet member casinos]: PLAYER DISPUTES MUST BE HANDLED EFFICIENCTLY AND ACCURATELY.
Last summer Net Club and The Casino Online both locked my accounts and confiscated over $1000 combined. Neither casino gave warning or tried to explain their actions. Both casinos completely stonewalled me and were completely unjustified in their actions. They are both PLATINUM members of SafeBet. When I contacted SafeBet about these two casinos they only had this to say: "SafeBet has no control over our members locking and unlocking accounts of players."
There you have it in a nutshell....SafeBet has no control of their member casinos.
The SafeBet logo should not give any gambler the slightest feeling of security. The answer to this thread is NO.
NetClub is notorious for not paying winners. Then came Magic Oasis. Now "the Danish problem".
It is time for Safebet to start making it's member casinos pay their customers and abide by the standards of fairness they subscribe to.
Rogue "section", but still Not Recommended as opposed to "Rogue".

A bold move on CasinoMeister's part, however, and I applaud his actions.
You are correct as always, Spearmaster. CasinoMeister points out the same issues that have been frustrating me for nearly a year.
Here again is his warning from the NOT RECOMMENDED list:

"The seal of approval is misleading. They are an organization that ensures that a casino's software is legit (which I am not attesting) but they also promise that their casinos provide certain provisions: "Player disputes must be handled efficiently and accurately" and "Players must always have the right to speak to a casino representative about their account."

This is not true. The Vegas Strip Casinos are members and it is unfortunate that they are still allowed to display Safebet's seal of approval. But wait, RTG casinos own Safebet. So it's another example of patting each other on the back. Shame on you.

There is clearly a conflict of interest here. Safebet seals of approval don't mean much of anything if they refuse to answer emails concerning the Vegas Strip Casino complaints.
We recommend this organization NOT"

I wonder who funds the bank account from which [SafeBet general manager] Sherry Nisen's payroll check is paid? These people take us for idiots, and I guess they must also think it is OK to steal from anybody dumb enough to put faith in SAFEBET's promises.
Has anybody ever recieved a reply from SafeBet in connection to a dispute with one of their members ?

I found that the address :

SafeBet Organization, Inc.,
1950 Spectrum Circle, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30067 also the address of about 100 other companies so I guess there is no "real" office.

I filed a complaint with Safebet a few months ago as one of their Platium casinos was giving me the runaround on a payment. Safebet responded within an hour as did the casino once Safebet got involved.
While I do agree that Safebet's association with RTG is readily apparent, and is disturbing, I have to say that Safebet did help me with a problem I was having with one of their member casinos.

Without Safebet, I doubt the problem would have been resolved.

But again this is just my one time experience--as they say, your mileage may vary
I submitted their "Dispute Resolution Form" on June 30th since eWorld Casino owe me $800. I still have not seen any of my winnings and SafeBet does not respond to my comments. What a scam!
Hi All,

Here is a response I received from them yesterday:

Dear Bryan,

SafeBet has experienced technical difficulties while enhancing our website with Dispute Resolution features. The problems are fixed, and SafeBet has gone back to contact everyone who attempted to make contact with us during that period. Caspar has already been contacted about re-submitting his dispute in our new Dispute Resolution System found at our website Now, every dispute and the ensuing communication is logged and tracked in a numbered dispute from one spot under the Dispute Resolution Section. The Player can access this dispute at any time and has the option to submit further comments.
"The Player can access this dispute at any time and has the option to submit further comments."

So what? They do not respond to 'comments' and they have had nearly 2 months to solve the dispute (submitted in their "new Dispute Resolution System"). So far NOTHING.
I still insist they are a paper tiger. Nothing more than a ruse to show that their casinos have legitamacy.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the casinos that they list are not legitimate. There is just a serious conflict of interest when the casinos that they list really screw up; it's the same company.

What I don't approve of is that there is a false sense of security given to players who play at these casinos. Sure the software is good, but the casino managers can pull the carpet right out under your feet for whatever reason they choose.

"There is just a serious conflict of interest when the casinos that (SafeBet) list really screw up; it's the same company.

What I don't approve of is that there is a false sense of security given to players who play at these casinos."

Amen to that.

SafeBet must be pretty busy these days judging by the large number of complaints about RTG casinos we're seeing over at OPA Statements...what's up with that and does RTG keep an eye on their licencees?
The casino (eWorld) responded to my comments today (looks like your email had some effect, Meister). They do not understand why the dispute has not been closed yet since they have refunded my deposits...

Well thank you very much but I was sort of hoping that I would receive my winnings also.

I can not wait to see if SafeBet will close the dispute now hat we have established, that my deposits have been refunded.
Just a heads up on Safebet.

They seem to be having problems with their email server since their emails are bouncing.

Good goin' Safebet!


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