rvbingo won't pay me out


Dormant account
As per the letter below, RV bingo is not paying money I am entitled to. The only requirement (in particular, see the phrases in red) for withdrawal is that you withdraw more than $50 US, which is all I am doing. I e-mailed their support and asked them where it states I can only withdraw my winnings (and not my deposit) and it was ignored. Moreover, I had no problem with cashouts which included my deposit previously, so suddenly they are changing their attitude. I have included the bonus and wagering terms below which make this very clear. Please be cautious with this bingo site.

cheers, tableplay.

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Please be informed that your CashGrade cashout request for $62 was received. However it cannot be processed.
According to our withdrawal rules players are not allowed to cashout their deposits only winnings.
Before you made your last deposit at 11:09 AM today /12/29/10 you had $0.00 cash in your account. You played Video Poker games and you have won only $17.50 cash so far.
Your wins of $17.50 cannot be cashed out as the min amount for a withdrawal is $50.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding our bingo withdrawal rules.

Best regards,
RV Bingo Support

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RV Bingo started in March 2004. Since the beginning our main goal is to provide the most entertaining bingo experience. We always listen to our players and try to avoid the mistakes the other sites make.
• We Guarantee a reasonable DEPOSIT BONUS up to 100% on EVERY deposit
• Bonus Play is allowed on all our games except Blackjack and Roulette
We do NOT put any wagering requirements for CASH OUTS
• All Wins are CASH

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Bonus Policy
We Love To Give You Bonuses At RV Bingo!

Woohoo and Welcome! Thanks for choosing RV Bingo…where you’ll find the most exciting bingo, slots, poker and pull tabs! We like to treat our players right, and we start by making sure you get a bonus every time you make a deposit! Please take a moment to read below about all the great ways you can make your playing dollars go farther!

100% First Deposit Bonus. It’s like doubling your money! Put in $100, get an additional $100 in Bonus Bucks! Limit one bonus per new player. Minimum deposit required to receive a First Deposit Bonus is: $10.

50% to 100% Bonus on every subsequent deposit! That’s right, every time you deposit, we reward you from 50% to 100% depending on the amount you deposit! Minimum deposit required to receive Bonus Bucks is: $10.

50% on deposits of $10 to $50
60% on deposits of $51 to $100
80% on deposits of $101 to $150
100% on deposits of $151 - $200+

50% Refer-A-Friend Bonus. Bring your friends to RV Bingo and you’ll get even more bonuses! We’ll give you a 50% Bonus Bucks referral bonus on your friend’s first deposit! Got lots of friends…then you could be sitting pretty!

Just be sure your friends enter your nickname in the “referral” field when they sign up. We’ll automatically credit you 50% of their first deposit. If for some reason, you do not receive your Bonus Bucks automatically, your friend may have omitted your nickname or spelled it incorrectly. Just have your friend send an e-mail to help@rvbingo.com no later than 48 hours from the time they deposited. That way, we can credit you the bonus. In the email, they include your nickname or real name, and their own name and nickname.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Bonus Bucks At RV Bingo:

When you make a deposit, you receive a bonus paid in Bonus Bucks. Bonus Bucks are playable to purchase cards or play our fabulous side games (excluding Blackjack). You cannot cash out bonus bucks, but you can withdraw any cash you win with them.

All Cash in your account is played first before any Bonus Bucks are played.

Bonus Bucks are limited to a maximum of 150% of total deposits at any one time.. For example, if the total deposits of a player equal $100, the maximum bonuses the player may receive is $150. If the player’s deposits equal $200, the maximum bonus is $300, and so on. The Bonus Limit is the max value your playable bonuses can reach. This limit can increase as you make a deposit or win playable bonus bucks. It will decrease as part of the bbs is spent in the game or when you make a withdrawal. Bonus Bucks in excess of the Bonus Limit will be “banked” in a player’s Bonus Bank for the player’s future use.

What’s a Bonus Bank? When the number of deposit, referral and chat game bonuses exceeds a specific limit (more than 150% of your total deposits), the excess Bonus Bucks are deposited into the Bonus Bank and the amount is displayed below your Credits. In order to use the Bonus Bucks stored in the bank, you must make a deposit to your player account. Please note that if the number of Bonus Bucks in the Bonus Bank is zero, the Bonus Bank will not appear on the playing window.

If you want to withdraw cash, the minimum amount for withdrawal is $50. But remember, if you make a withdrawal, the bonus bucks left in your account will be reduced, depending on the amount of cash remaining in your account Bonus Bucks already in your Bonus Bank are also affected.

For example: If the cash remaining in your account is $10 to $50, your bbs will be reduced to 50% of the cash balance left.

If the cash remaining in your account is $51 - $100, your bbs will be reduced to 60% of the cash balance left.

If the cash remaining in your account is $101 - $150, your bbs will be reduced to 80% of the cash balance left.

If the cash remaining in your account is $151 and up, your bbs will be reduced to 100% of the cash balance left.

Only one cash-out is allowed in a 24 hour period.

We hope that you benefit from our Bonus Policy and enjoy playing. RV Bingo gives bonuses to encourage play. If we feel that a player is abusing the bonus offer, we reserve the right to withdraw bonus money from a player's account.

Questions? Give us a shout – send an email to help@rvbingo.com and we’ll be happy to help you…24/7!

RV Bingo reserves the right to alter terms without prior notice.
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