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Feb 22, 2001

Ever heard of Poker Russian Roulette?

An American criminal trial started this week that showcased a tragic gambling incident in which an eighteen year old gambler was killed whilst playing an idiotic improvised game combining poker and Russian Roulette. The latter is a perilous *game* in which participants take it in turns to point a pistol loaded with one bullet at their heads and pull the trigger.

The accused - a 40 year old man who should know better than to mess with firearms - is one Anson Paape, who allegedly shot to death Michael Murray (18) in 2004 during a combination game of poker and Russian roulette on his 18th birthday.

The teenager and his friends were at Paape's home celebrating the birthday when the incident occurred.

Paape is being charged with first-degree murder for the shooting. He had provided the handgun and talked the teenagers into playing the fatal combination.

The poker game included a dare at the end of each hand. One of the teens present at the game testified that Paape's rule was that the loser of each hand would face the gun with someone else pulling the trigger.

In a fateful change, Paape changed the rule after Murray won the first hand. The new rule was that the person to the right of the loser would have to face the gun, which turned out to be Murray.

John Dominick (19) testified that he had lost the hand, and Murray was sitting to his right. Paape then pointed the gun, which he'd loaded with one bullet earlier, at Murray's head.

According to Dominick, Murray grabbed at the gun first, but Paape wouldn't give it up. He said it was his gun and his house, and he would be the one to pull the trigger.

Paape's defense attorney told the court that Paape never intended to harm Murray, but admitted that he acted recklessly and irresponsibly. He argued that Paape was drunk and thought the .44 caliber handgun was empty at the time.
My god that is tragic. And sick.

Maybe prohibiting handguns instead of online gambling would be a good idea.

Guns don't kill people - people kill people.

Prohibiting weapons such as guns won't fix the problem. Tighter regulations would help, but won't "fix" the problem altogether.

Such a shame that a constitutional right made over 200 years ago is still in place that allows idiots such as this guy the right to bear arms.
YOu kill yourself!!

Yes we all know that people kill people, but in russian roulette you are the one that pulls the trigger :D , hehe!!, SO!!

what a waste of game, how a game can last like this??

one hand or two and u are death??:thumbsup:

how hardcore, the deadliest poker I've ever heard of.

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