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Aug 1, 2005
Two weeks ago I sent Ruby $50 and got $200 bonus.

I played Spring Breaks and got up to $750, then after $2500 wagering lost everything and stopped.

On my birthday on Wednesday they sent me an email saying they would give me a $10 bonus if I sent $20 and just had to wager $50, which I did on BJ.

I then withdrew $36.

They have just sent me an email saying I have to wager another $6000 - the outstanding WR from the $200 bonus - before I can withdraw the $36.

I wouldn't have sent the $20 if they had mentioned that, but I guess I should have thought about that.

Will just have to make this $36 last for another $6000!

That sucks. How dare they give you a birthday bonus and put those kind of restrictions on it.:axeman2: I would say BYE BYE quickly to them. GOOD LUCK.....
did you completely bust the sign up bonus? your balance would have had to been at $0 for the wager requirements of the sign up bonus to be null and void
Yes Jon, my balance was at $0.

Their email said - This offer [$10 birthday], may not be used in conjunction with any of our other purchase bonus offers - which is why I thought I could cash out once I had wagered the $50 required.

I have sent an email but haven't received a reply yet.
Forgot to say Happy Birthday.

Sorry I was so mad they did that to you,I forgot to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Hope other casinos took care of you right.:)
Tks Pete lol - and I did say bye bye to Ruby once I had lost the $250 2 weeks ago as I still have $6000 WR with them outstanding.

I must be registered with at least 50 other casino and poker sites, but the only other offer I got was from Interpoker [who I haven't played with for months as I do the monthly bonus at Intercasino] who gave me $10 for playing 1 raked hand, which I did and cashed out after a few more hands.

Trident poker sent me a Happy Birthday, but no bonus!

Out of interest, do others get more bonus offers on their birthday.
Most casinos give you something.

That really surprises me that Trident didn't give you anything. I should have wrote down which ones gave me a birthday bonus, but that was back in July and when you get old your memory isn't that sharp. lol
But I do know that most casinos that I frequent the most do give me a bonus when that darn time of the year comes around again.
Actually and honestly, I don't mind birthdays, It is just a number.
Good Luck:lolup:

The wagering requirements at ruby are too high.30 times bonus and deposit.
I would never take one there anyway.

You know, I didnt get anything for my birthday this year either. Years ago you used to. Not even a happy birthday email this year.


I just had a similar problem at Ruby Fortune. It was resolved via email support. They admitted that my withdrawal was returned to my account in error. I had went broke on a previous bonus. Hopefully they will fix whatever is causing them to carry over wagering requirements by mistake.
I have just written to Victoria Clarke as I haven't heard from Ruby for 2 days - thanks for the address Mallorca.

I still do have $6000 WR outstanding though. Just because you bust a bonus doesn't mean they would write off the WR as far as I knew.
antibes said:
Just because you bust a bonus doesn't mean they would write off the WR as far as I knew.

If they didn't reset wagering requirements after you lose all your money, then they would be discouraging you from making another deposit. People would think, "Why not just go play somewhere else where I can cash out whenever I want?"
System Bug

It's a bug in their system (Palace Group). I had the same at Spin Palace after busting out of a bonus. It was resolved by referral to management who confirmed my zero balance session and forced the withdrawal through manually.
As it's a known issue I would expect a positive resolution to this. They should flush the withdrawal for you to speed things up.
Lest we forget, Tim Whyles is their casino rep here:

If you are having issues, it would benefit the situation to let him know what's up - thanks!

BTW Please don't forget to check the "Casino Operators" page before/when posting a complaint. If the appropriate people are unaware that there is a problem, the solving of the problem is probably not going to happen.
Sorry Casinomeister - I didn't know there was such a link.

Just had an email from them and I have to send them a copy of my passport and utility bill and I think I will then receive the $36.
Casinomeister, I don't know how to get in touch with you so hope it's ok to do it here.

Another problem I have is with Multipoker.

I have just looked through all the Casino Operators but don't see it anywhere.

They froze my account a month ago when I tried to withdraw my $640 balance.

I have sent over 40 emails and they haven't replied to one and I don't know what to do. I even tried paypro and they won't answer.

I have searched their website and cannot find a telephone number.

If anyone has a number for Multipoker or Paypro I would be very grateful.
I have just received a phone call from Multipoker.

I don't know if it was because of my previous post, but it is strange that after not hearing from them for a month, one hour after posting that, I receive a phone call!

They said they did reply to my other emails - but I can assure you they didn't. I did not receive one email in reply to my many.

He also said that my account was frozen because I was in another country - I was in France on my laptop when I registered and played all the games and then tried to withdraw.

At the start of the conversation he asked if this was my friends account.

I am going to thank this forum as I am sure if was because of my previous post that they phoned.

Hi again antibes,
You`re right, there is not a phone number at multipoker and if youre username at multipoker is antibes probably someone from multipoker has read your post.I hope you`ll get your money.
What happened with Ruby?Did Victoria Clarke contact you?
Good luck!
Received the money today in Neteller - 1 day after withdrawing.

The guy from Multipoker did give me a telephone number if anyone is interested in it. But it is nowhere on their website.

Got an email today from Victoria and she is investigating. All for a measley $36!

Thank you for the help in here.

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