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Jan 4, 2015
I am new to this online gaming and have been playing for fun at Ruby Slots for a long time. I decided a few Months ago to try it for real .....

I was then made a VIP player? And assigned a VIP manager. ( Can I state his name here? )

I actually won a good sum many times and never cashed out.

1-2-15 I won a nice sum and decided to cash out- I had won 3600.00, but decided to cash out just 2500.00.

On cashing out the form asked how I wanted paid - I chose bank wire and then provided all bank info and necessary documents.

On 1-9-15 my withdrawal was approved, but oddly the casino web site account stated my cash out was PROCESSED and sent by FED EX Courier CHECK.

When you look at Ruby Slots definitions of terms under processed it defines a payment having been made.

But no payment was made on 1-9-15, and that didn't concern me as the terms state AFTER approval WITHIN 10 days payment will be sent- the website terms do not say - on the 10th business day after approval your winnings will be sent- rather WITHIN 10 business days of approval.

After winning- I decided to do a google search of Ruby Slots and this site as well as other gambling sites had very scary and poor reviews.

I would like to continue stating my complaint, but want to be sure I can state the VIP managers name first. I am just floored.

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Ruby Slots is in the Virtual Group and they've recently been removed from the rogue pit (into the reservation, so still not really recommended) but the group has improved they say. At least you're in a better position now than you would have been a few years ago.

The good news is that they HAVE been paying their players, but the bad news is that payments are slow, from 3-4 weeks isn't uncommon. They do have a rep here that you can contact via private message. Here's a link to that profile:, on the left side under the profile pic, click 'send private message'.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:
There are a few people here who play at the group and seem to be getting paid, so you should be ok. I'm not sure why they'd pay using an alternate method, maybe Tawni can clarify that for you.

That being said, there are some RTG casinos that are on the accredited list here: Link Outdated / Removed that you might want to try eventually. I don't want to say too much anti-virtual group because they have been improving, so if they're treating you right and you enjoy playing there, that's ok. But it's nice to have options, especially if you can get paid a little faster. :)
I was told my winnings were sent to their processor this morning to be paid by wire to my bank as I requested at inception, yet my casino account status of my withdrawal says 1-9-2015 fed ex check by courier and has remained the same all day.

I was told bank wires take a full 7 business days, however; I have researched this on the net and no where on the net can I find a single person or bank stating international bank wire transfers take 7 business days.

There is in fact a tracking number for bank wires - of course there is, however.......

In response to my requesting a tracking number for the bank wire :

Today at 5:10 PM


There is no “tracking number” for me to give you unfortunately. That being said, the wire does take 7 business days and that is the reality of it. There is nothing I can do to change that. Congrats on the win and thanks for playing.
Unfortunately you're going to have to wait the 7 days and see if it shows up. Bank wires CAN take that long - once I once waited almost 30 days for a wire to hit my bank, and I got dinged a hefty processing fee to add insult to injury. :rolleyes:

One thing you'll have to practice if you play with that group is patience. IF a month has gone by from the time of your withdrawal and you haven't been paid, THEN you can get casinomeister involved or try a PAB, but basically anything within a month is the norm. Just remember your withdrawal experience the next time you think about depositing.
Yes, I will have to wait and see, but in the mean time if the bank wire was really sent then they should be able to provide me the WTRN number- and I imagine there could be some rare instances in INT wires taking 7 days, however, that is not what is being stated by the majority online ( ie ) banks, and the people discussing the international bank wires from all over the world.

Now, I was just told the 7 days is because once the casino sent it to their 3rd party processor - it has to go through them, and THEY send it to my bank.

How is that other online casinos are able to pay gamers their winnings within 1 to 5 days?

There is something seriously wrong here.

Live and learn- and what I have learned is- that initial 7 days of waiting for approval of your winning withdrawal- is a stall tactic

That 10 business days AFTER the approval of the withdrawal to send to their 3rd party processor - is another stall tactic-

And then the delay AFTER- where they are telling me its an additional 7 business days because it has to go through their 3rd party processor first, then THEY send me my winnings ( despite I didn't sign up to do business with anyone other then RUBY SLOTS- )

I can't imagine anyone would play at any of their casinos if they actually WON money- I can't imagine anyone waiting so long to get paid a win........and STILL I am being refused a tracing number, and thats because my winnings have not gone anywhere YET to be paid out.
Thank you for all replies and help here and sorry to rant- but while I'm here, let me ask, what is the fastest paying RTG accredited casino and what is that time frame please.
I rcvd a check from Inetbet in 7 days. I'm in the U.S. Also, I was a VIP at royal ace - although I've stopped playing there purely out of fear that I won't get paid - but my host told me that he could get the withdrawal processing after 3 days. (That's their pending period) if they did it within 24 hours, I'd probably test them out again.
Thank you kind person for responding !!

Is Inetbet a RTG as well as Royal Ace? Thats a much faster payout then a MONTH, and reading others have taken much longer- that is if my winnings were really sent. Also, no one at the casino will answer as to why my withdrawal says processed FED EX CHECK courier on 1-9-15 ----why no answer to that, why no answer for a tracking number of bank wire......and they get mad at you for questioning these things!
No no no. I don't suggest playing at royal ace, it'll take you just as long to get paid as ruby slots. I guess my point in mentioning it is that if you are a VIP player, the host should have been able to push it thru after 3 days. (They're part of the same group I believe)

Anyway, yes. Inetbet is about the only casino I play because they're quick with payments and they have us issued checks. And from cashout to the day I rcvd payment was fairly quick. Grande Vegas is another I cashed out WU, and that took 2 weeks. Check out the accredited page here. It saved me a lot of money and heartache.
TY for your further details.

Yes, some VIP I am right- lol.....hindsight as well know is grand......I will check out the accredited casinos as you said and save myself some heartache and precious time.......I was happy to win and then the time frame to get paid was like a CURSE for winning, then feeling retaliated against because of all this, well it made my winning a very sad experience and it should not have been.
Its good that you searched sites but remember always do it before depositing, a week is to long to get paid let alone a month or more, I no its hard for most people in U.S but if you look around than they are some good sites that you get check whiten a week, Yes 3dice is quick pay and always hear good things about them,

I wish you luck
If you like RTG, then iNetBet or any of the Club World group is pretty quick - Club World group has 6 or 7 casinos. Jackpot Capital group and Intertops are a little slower but they're good too. Just make sure that you're reading the terms if you're going to play with bonuses.

From the USA you're more limited in what software you can play, but there are still a few other choices.
heyho shes

i got 2 cashouts from ruby (both freechips) and am waiting for another cashout presently.

timeframes really are unsatisfying, however the bonus conditions imo are worth to wait a little longer.

royal ace and silver oak, planet 7 and captain jack were a little quicker in my experience.

i like the group for the bonus offer. get along with the support well (of course including the vip managers)

i do not like the wagering requirements at a lot of places. (casinos do not cashout 95% - they cashout 25-0% i guess because the money you win will be wagered and wagered again until the 5% sip of the casino ate it all... ;-))

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