RTP at 91% for play n go now hitting the UK market!


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Jan 29, 2021
Wont be too far into the future where slots are below 90% rtp in the Uk. So glad I have quit the UK market. I will go to Land based as its a totally different expereince. But these days with chronic support and a very impersonal expereince its just not enjoyable anymore. And to think we pay casinos for this shit. lol. I know they are still a good few reps here but for the most part its a terrible player expereince these days. And lower n lower rtps is the icing on top of the swamp.

I think landbased is a better overal idea anyway.

Yes the RTP might be lower, but at least you could walk away with a handpay if played properly. Yes the volatility is not so high as the internet, but at least the chances of winning is overall better if you know your games or machine(s).

I know not to get rekt after 7 deposits in a row. If you ask me the glory days of online casino's and their lower cost blablabla are over.

I see a few casino's adding live betting now and skimping out on slot RTP's to cover potential loss for casino's. Might as well take a deeper dive into that. It's not just always the provider or goverment, but obviously a financial consideration on behalf of the casino and not the player.

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