RTG's Caribbean 21 lie

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I notice attempts at sites with rather less integrity than Casinomeister to deflect / sidetrack this issue with claims about "lack of evidence".

Small reminder:

Hampton's are attempting to void Pirate's $1,300,000 because they claim he used a "robot".

a) They have entirely failed to provide ANY evidence of robot play.
b) They initially attempted to invent a story about "mouse mapping" as an aspect of said evidence(?). RTG themselves squashed that one right here. I quote: The software has no built-in ability to record mouse movements and report that type of activity in any way. Hampton apparently dropped the claim at this point :).
c) They are REFUSING to supply the game logs, in spite of specifically stating on the web site that the "audit trail" IS readily available upon request. I quote: For your added protection we maintain a complete audit trail of each transaction for all the games that you play. At your request we would be pleased to make these files available to you at your request. One can therefore only assume that inspection of the game logs would entirely exonerate the player, otherwise why else withhold them?
d) The casino managers attempts to elicit a confession from the player would be grounds in the view of several legal-eagles here for a case of criminal conspiracy / entrappment.

Yes, there is a serious lack of evidence. But the lack is at the casino end, not the player. The casino has failed to provide ANY evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the player. The evidence they HAVE attempted to provide has been discounted by RTG themselves.

The fact is, Hampton are not voiding these winnings on the basis of player-wrongdoing. If there WAS this evidence, they would have brought it to light. They havent. It doesnt exist. Theyre voiding the winnings because they chose to and believe its their entitlement.

e) There site boasts bogus payout%, certified by Michael Shackleford of the Wizard of Odds as based on "actual payments", who also happens to be the designer of the Carib21 game
Good post, reminding everyone of the real facts (as opposed to deliberate digressions) on this case, Caruso.

A new storm is brewing in the 911 forum following a single paragraph which appeared (unsourced) on their news page today implying that the player in this case faces other (unspecified) problems.

This has rightly started something of a storm, and in the absence of any substance one has to consider whether this is not an attempt to smear the player in this case. After all, several dirty tricks have already featured in this matter.
Just an update so everyone knows where I stand on this.

At my first listening to the recordings of Brian confessing to the use of a robot, I believed this is what I heard - a confession. But after looking at all of this (threads, emails, etc.), I do NOT think a robot was used. RTG has publicly stated that their software is unable to track mouse movements etc., as Hampton's reps have stated in our forum. In other words, there is no way that they detected a robot as they have claimed.

Rich (Ron Lewin) told me over the phone that he had physical evidence that Brian used a robot (besides his "confession"). Well, now is the time to release this evidence to RTG or even to the public. I have put my reputation on the line concerning this since I have made public statements that Hamptons had this evidence. I can only hope that they were being honest with me.

Actually, let me rephrase that: They had better hope that they were being honest to me. You don't lie to the Casinomeister - you get caught.

From the git go, there has been speculation that Rich coerced this confession out of Brian. I questioned this at first, since I gave him the benefit of the doubt; I believed what he told me was true. But I am now under the impression that he tricked Brian and that there never was a robot.

Real Time Gaming and Rich/Ron Lewin need to prove to me otherwise.
jetset said:
A new storm is brewing in the 911 forum following a single paragraph which appeared (unsourced) on their news page today implying that the player in this case faces other (unspecified) problems.
Hi Jetset.....please...how do I get to the 911 forum :confused:
Thank You
at the end of Mary's post

2003 Delano Casino. Metagalaxia, S.A. Suite 2B,
Mansion House 143 Main Street, Gibraltar
All rights reserved.

Gibraltar is a well registered juristiction and the courts would take any action neccesary if any case went to them
Good point - we certainly should not forget that Delanos Casino is also witholding both player logs and tens of thousands of dollars in winnings from the player in this matter.

And they're doing it despite the game being cleared by RTG and the total lack of evidence that the player was in the wrong.

They're exacerbating that by ignoring the player's requests for logs, explanations and payments I understand.

Perhaps this is a good case with which to test the efficacy of the Gilbraltar authorities in enforcing fair, honest and transparent behaviour on the part of their licensees....
I've been in contact with the operators from Delanos and as far as I know, there are negotiations being made at the moment.
That is excellent news, and an example that Hampton would be wise to follow before things get any worse.
jetset said:
That is excellent news, and an example that Hampton would be wise to follow before things get any worse.

:what: It can get worse? Oh yeah, today's newsletter hasn't gone out yet. I guess that's when things get worse :D

But Delanos has assured me that they are working on this, and that they are determind to come to a fair resolution for all parties involved. They don't need to be sucked into the abyss that Hamptons is spiraling into.
I'll believe it when I see it. Their past conduct leaves a lot to be desired, and frankly I think they're just scared because they have no proof - or perhaps they've seen their income take a nosedive over the past week :D
spearmaster said:
I'll believe it when I see it. Their past conduct leaves a lot to be desired, and frankly I think they're just scared because they have no proof - or perhaps they've seen their income take a nosedive over the past week :D

Damn Spear, Have you been on another vacation or what. Good to hear from you again on this issue.

Sort of... LOL... just got back from a two-day trip with little Net access.

I'm trying to stay out of the threads now as I believe I have made my position quite clear, and prefer to work on things behind the scenes... :)

Anyhow, keep an eye out for your G2B newsletter later today. A couple of surprises in store.
CMeister : In your correspondence with Colin at Neteller have u ever raised the issue of "casino fraud" to them regarding Hamptons and Delanos?

In the interview you got from the CEO, he said they would investigate all slow paymrnts and non payments reported. That they would require the casinos to show there financial records and explain their inaction. Indicated a desire to protect theplayers and themselves from rogue merchant casinos.

Can't think of two better examples for Neteller to put their sentiments into action than pirates locked up cash at Hamptons and delanos?

Is neteller hiding from this issue? Any news? Where's Colin?

Neteller is missing out on a lot of Goodwill credits with players on this one.
casinomeister said:
Just so everyone knows where I stand on this:

I just want to say that I admire CasinoMeister's integrity. I thought he was wrong at first to call Pirate a "fraudster" and was even about to ban him (especially since this forum is the only recourse Pirate had, which is why I had suggested to him he try another forum), but CasinoMeister was able to do something that most people wont- admit they were wrong and make amends. In fact I like how he is now putting the heat on Hamptons to shit or get off the pot. And a story by MSNBC is probably the best way to address this, and at least would publicly expose the idiotic antics of Hamptons to the world. Anyway, in my support I am going to click through a few links here and play at some of the advertisers here now.
Don't blame all RTG operators

I would just like to request to the rest of the gaming community not to blame the other RTG operators. Some out there are trying to make the business reputable and RTG stands with the operators that are honest and fair. Hampton tried to worm themselves out of a humiliating situation and they got plunged deeper into their whole. Casinomeister did the honourable thing to apologize to the player. You go Casinomeister.
Hamptons 1.3 Million Dollar Lie

I practice 21 (no not my best game LOL ) I play for free at POGO.com I play buckaroo blackjack and often use the TIP provided to help my game...if I perfect my strategy (i often split 10's,J's, Q's, & K's and win double despite the TIP) am I using a robot player? :D :lolup:
Go get 'em casinomeister!!!

As usual RTG gets a black eye in the medias. Why do they always wait until it's to late. When they began discrediting Hampton in this forum they knew Hampton was deadwrong. What were they waiting for? Rons braintransplant so he would be able to do the right thing?

But many gamblers blame RTG and the casinos for disputes like the Pirate-Hampton standoff. Such problems occur all too often, they say, because the software company fails to exert any oversight on its licensees and that, as a consequence, some of the RTG-affiliated casinos run shady operations.

Ron The Gangster is selling up.

So apparently the reason for not wanting to pay was not in fact related to detailed study of mouse-mapping and other highly technical matters leading the the indisputable, proven conclusion that the player cheated.

It's actually because he doesn't have the money.

I'd never have guessed.
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