RTG Withdrawal Question


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Aug 23, 2006
I was playing at Cool Cat just for fun with a no deposit bonus. I actually did well so decided to try a cashout...

Just wondering if this looks like it's going to go through... I requested a quicktender withdrawal and it seems to have been declined and then it says "Manager Withdrawal"



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Oct 15, 2004
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No, it means that the money has been removed.

God, why do people waste their time with these crooks? Free chip or no free chip...you may as well be playing with fun money. All the free chips and the bonuses, are an enticement to get you playing, and then depositing. And then if you get lucky enough to win, you'll be told you're only entitled to 10X your deposit amount...because your bonuses outweigh your deposits.

These guys ARE crooks, please stop supporting them and the dozens of other Virtual shitholes.


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Jan 29, 2010
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although they are crooks, that probably means you're going to get a moneygram in a couple of weeks. they never seem to want to send money any other way. put it this way though you never want to win big at these casinos.


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Oct 30, 2008
I was playing at Cool Cat just for fun with a no deposit bonus. I actually did well so decided to try a cashout...


I was playing craps in a dark alley with a couple of seedy looking characters...


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Jul 27, 2007
Manager withdrawal means you get nothing. Your balance is reset to 0 and the next time you use a bonus and if you happen to win, they will remove your winnings because you are a bonus abuser. IF, you should be "lucky" enough to happen to win without using a bonus, you will be "lucky" to receive your winnings within the next millineium. Steer clear of these casinos, they use big ND bonuses to lure players in, never having any intentions of paying the player. DO NOT deposit there, if you have the need to "donate" your money, CM has a list of places you can give your money to, which will leave you with a better feeling. Check the Rogue Pit and the Accreditted list if you are looking for someplace to play. Also, some of the members have links in their signatures to their websites (RobWin, KasinoKing, and BingoTom to name several off the top of my head) offering casinos to play in which offer ND bonuses.