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I logged in to play some 100 play DDB for fun play at an RTG earlier and was greeted by the message on the attached photo.

Is something up at RTG? The highest pay possible on 100 play would be $400,000 for a dealt RF @ $1 which is a far cry from the 20 million mentioned. Or is this just a taste of things yet to come from RTG with payout caps on all games which will definitely reflect in the RTP.


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I noticed this too a few weeks ago. As you said, if you were playing 100 hand at $1 max bet a hand, you would be getting SEVERLY screwed. The most you could expect to win would be 40 times your bet. So you would not even be getting the full pay for a pat straight flush, much less a royal flush.

I also noticed that several (maybe all?) RTGs cut the paytable on joker poker. Sequential royal flush now only pays half of what it used to (10,000 now, used to be 20,000)


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I have gone thru every page of the winners screenshots at one time or another and cannot recall ever seeing one.

Something tells me though that MAYBE someone got one recently, and that is the reason for the paytable change AND the max payout they are now imposing....just putting two and two together (which usually equals 5 in the realm of online casinos though).


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Am I missing something. It says max win per bet is $20 million.

That's what I see, it is $20 million, and NOT "20 Million COINS". Maybe this message is simply stating the obvious.

$20 Million will be a long time coming at almost every RTG casino, since this would NOT be a network progressive, and would be restricted to their normal withdrawals cap.

Take Club World, with a $3000 per week limit other than for Network wide progressives.

$20,000,000 would take 6667 weeks, or 128 YEARS, to pay out.

I rather suspect though, that the message is a load of BS, since I don't know of ANY game where a player can win $20,000,000 in a single hand or spin, unless some VERY high stakes are allowed.

Joker Poker had 20,000 for a sequential royal, and for the 100 hand version, $1 per single hand would pay 20,000 COINS, since $1 per hand is 5x 20c, and the paytable is in COINS, so the pay on a $1 hand is 20,000 lots of 20c - or $4000. Get a pat sequential on 100 hand, and the pay is $400,000.

I would expect this to be the highest possible non progressive payout at the tables, unless the casino allows more than $100 to be staked per hand on this game.

RTG casinos have now halved the payout for this, but because this is a very unlikely hand, the effect on RTP will be tiny, but certainly in the casino's favour. What it DOES show though, is that RTG casinos are LOWERING the RTP overall, and whilst it is visible in table game paytables, and Video Poker, it is NOT visible in the slots.

Before RTG hid the information, the NEWER slots seemed to be coming out with 94% as their standard setting, rather than 95%, meaning newer slots were being developed with a built in 1% reduction in RTP from the start.

Slots already have a max payout of 50,000x line bet during bonus rounds in any case, so here any such message merely states what has always been the case, but more clearly.


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The $20m max payout is irrelevant as has been said, because there are no possible wins that large.

Maybe in the future casinos will decrease the maximum payout limit as they see fit for each game, which may affect overall RTP.


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Here is a screenshot from Inet's 100 hand double double bonus poker....fun mode. $50,000 is a far cry from the $400,000 that would be paid if a pat Royal Flush was won. I don't know if this payout cap is in effect in real play as I don't have any money in my account and no message popped up like it did when I checked in fun mode.


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Not only does that $50,000 cap on the dollar game at inet effect the dealt RF pay, it also reduces the pay for dealt AAAA w/2,3,4 (cheats player out of $110,000) and dealt 4 2, 3, or 4 w/A, 2, 3, or 4 & dealt 4 A's (player cheated out of $30,000 in each instance). BTW, I scored 4 A's dealt on 100 play at an RTG some time ago but it was only pennies.. so I'm pretty sure it can happen. So whomever mentioned that it was just the dealt royal pay and it really didn't have much effect on the RTP I guess it carries a little more weight effecting almost the entire top tier of paytable.

So evidently some RTG's can change this limit to whatever they want. It honestly only punishes higher limit players, but whos to say they won't change it to some absurd low number while you're not paying attention, or when you can't see it, like after you click 'don't show again' even when the max payout is changed it's not shown. Usually casinos take the practice of lowering the pays on lower limit machines and gradually raising them as the denomination goes up. WTG RTG, you're going right at the throat of the high limit players like some kind of lunatic homeless person.

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