RTG upgrade problems


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Feb 3, 2004
North Carolina
Long story short ... I've been waiting 2 weeks now for a withdrawal (not even bonus related) from Club Player, an RTG casino.

Now, the story is that RTG did an upgrade recently and someone (or somewhere) lost some links that no longer allow NETeller transactions because they're not secure.

Anybody else heard anything on upgrades causing problems with NETeller? I just kinda feel like I'm having smoke blown up one of my lower orifices, if ya know what I mean. :rolleyes:
I received a Neteller withdrawal from a different RTG Monday afternoon. Sounds like BS to me, I bet you can still deposit at Club Player via Neteller with no problem.
Well, coincidences of coincidences, I got paid today about two hours after I posted this.

Still be nice to see if anyone has heard anything similar about RTG upgrade problems ...

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