RTG sucks



First let me say that I think that the software is great and I love their blackjack game but the speed in witch they process financial transactions sucks.

Im not from denmark but Im still having problems basically they are slow as hell.

Golden Comps, they owe me money for a while but their exuse was the the fax copy of my cc was unlegible then I sent them 2 more copies still unlegible, so I had to get it scaned (i don' own a scaner) Its been a month now since I sent them
my scaned copy and they are now sending me a check

casino merlrin, it has been a month since I requested a withdrawl and have been told that it will be done this friday, we shall see.

Black widow, its only been 3 weeks since I asked for a withdrawl and they said it will be done by this tues, we will see

Five rose, only been 2 weeks should be done tues they said

Twin Aces, waiting 2 weeks I got the this tues response

There are a few more but I don't want to mention right now. Im sure that I will get paid but its taking too long and I wont probably play there anymore, Too long of a wait. I don't understand how they could wait 3 weeks before you're credit card is credited. to me it should be done within 3 days.

Imagine going to a land casino with chips to the cage and the casino telling you that they can give you a voucher for the money you are holding and come back in 3 weeks to collect you're money :)

sorry for the rambling but I think its ridicules.
I don't like the sounds of that - I was looking for an alternative to the MGS places I've been playing at, but it sounds like I should take a pass on RTG - I'll wait to hear if you get paid Dorrex -you mentioned a couple of them - Casino Merlin, Black Widow - are all these guys owned by the same cheesy outfit - I had looked at playing at Grand Banks Casino - it it the same story with them?

Best of luck recovering your cash.
I've got some bad news for you, Dorrex - a friend of mine just got a payout from Black Widow - the check was 100% rubber - and it was over a month late to add insult to injury - this is bad business - I sure hope you get paid out.

I think I'll go back to Gaming Club - at least they haven't stiffed me yet.
a little update,
after 5 weeks of waiting Casino merlin has paid me by western union.

5rose and golden comps has sent me my check via fed ex and should be here by tuesday

black widow sais it sent a check via regular mail,

Extreeme said that they didn't have my faxback form on file, So I sent it again and my request.will be proccesed in the next few days they said. I know for a fact that I sent it to them, and am still wondering why I had to sent it again.

Powerbet still waiting, they said that it will be processed in the next few days.

Windows casino: was the quickest to credit my card, even though they are not recomanded here they did the quickest cashout.

twin aces: sais that they sent me a check via regular mail.

Ill let you know what happened at the end next week
That's good. At least they are responding. With any luck, most of them are good to their word for next week.

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