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Jun 20, 2001
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Hi Gang

Ive been going OK lately on the real series slot, but cant hit a damn thing on Paris Beauty and havent done for several weeks - which is not unusual in the grand scheme of things I guess - but I thought I would give it a try at Bodog yesterday and its GONE! I logged in just now, and it still isnt there.

It might be a coincidence, and probably is, but Im interested to know why they would remove one slot machine completely.

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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Conspiracy theory. All real series slots on a merry-go round with low payouts. First it's Fruit Frenzy, then Paris Beauty. Next would probably be Ronin or Cleopatra's Gold.
i dont know, why, but it has happened sometimes.

I ve seen the fruit frenzy being removed at inetbet for a while - and that was after a software glitch (you couldnt get more than 5freespins)
and i have seen that the money mister (or so) was missing at 49ers- dont know the reason.
isn't paris beauty one of their higher-variance slots? i've never hit anything on that one.

i had some nice wins on Ronin yesterday at Bodog. i have more trust in their slots than their table games.
hard to say with Bodog as they've never included the full package of reel series slots. I think it's more likely they decided to remove it due to lack of player interest and to make room for something else. (but i'm not a professional)
I've rarely had a session where Paris Beauty didn't give me something. Mind you that is pretty much the only game that likes me on RTG

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