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Stiletto Bandita
May 31, 2002
D.C. Area
On the Real Series Video Slots -- Goldbeard, etc. -- does, anyone know if the random jackpots only hit with max bet? I assume you have to be playing max lines (20), but wondering if it is as likely to drop at .01 (.20 spin) a line as $5.00 ($100 a spin!)

Has anyone won a random jp like this, if so, where, and how much were you betting?

random jackpot

I won a random Jackpot on Cleopatras Gold - I was betting $2 a pop, 10c per line over 20 lines. Just before it came in the whole game slowed down tremendously and the reels were moving really slowly, I was getting frustrated and just about to logout when it dropped.

Thanks, Pam! That's encouraging. And congratulations on your Jackpot -- that's awesome!
I think the random jackpot feature that RTG came up with is an excellent idea that MG should consider. The best part of it is that everyone has a shot at it... big spenders and the penny-pinchers alike.

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