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Oct 22, 2008
Buckeye Nation
Hello forum,

I am just venting a bit. I love Inetbet and Club World for one reason and one reason only. I never have to worry about being paid.

Lately however, I have been getting creamed. For the last few months at Inetbet I have not been able to hit anything. I have deposited hundreds with nothing in return. Sometimes I get slightly up and then it all goes so quickly. I play Sherlock a lot and sometimes end up with less than 1.00-you get .50 to get in the bonus.

I use to do quite well here. Not to say I cash out a lot, but could play longer. Now its as if my little deposits are donations. I'm not griping about losing so much as I am griping about not winning anything.

After losing at Inetbet I use to be able to go to Clubworld and try my luck. For some reason I have had too many banking issues lately. (not taking the same Netspend card they had been taking for over a year) OH well, I have been losing there as well, but not as quickly.

Next I tried Jackpot Capital. I can play a little longer there but soon it goes away quickly also. I know people on here win and win big at these casinos so now way would I speak ill of their reps. Just my own experience there lately. Hope it turns around.

Too bad all the Micros will be gone soon. I've stayed away since all of the talk of leaving the USA. Not many choices left for us. I even tried most of the Rival Casinos, I can never get anything going there, but I like the games. I just like playing at home rather than driving 40 miles to play in a casino. Plus its too tempting on land to hit the atm. At home, I'm really disciplined.

Man I miss Playtech and Wagerworks!!!!!!!


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Jun 4, 2003
Same Here

The same thing is happening to me too at both iNet and Club World. I don't play Jackpotcapital. The last week or so I've gotten nothing at iNet on any deposits. I'm usually never up over my deposits and if so it's gone fast. Seems nothing is hitting for me there right now. iNet has some big jackpots right now but nothing going my way.LOL About the same at Club World. The games are hitting better than iNet but not much. I guess their just cold now. Hopefully they'll get better soon. It bad enough to lose but no fun at all with no play time either! :mad:


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Sep 20, 2005
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They have had "updates" if you noticed and when this happens at any casino, you need to be careful...

I play at both but I am also slowing down at them because of this less play per deposit ever since they updated..

I did have a lot of luck at the new casino Slots Oasis..and played for hours..just as my hubby did..

It's time to mix up the play guys...because they were the big kids on the block I am thinking...."change" has been put in the wind for us players by them too....sad to say...:oops:

This feeling has been around for me for the last few weeks..the blackjack is playing a little rougher too IMO ever since they did the update..



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Nov 26, 2008
I for one closed my account at Inetbet for good. Something isn't right about that place, imho. I deposit and bet .40 a spin and the highest non bonus win was $2. And the highest bonus round was $7.xx . I quit being their sucker. They refuse to add live or phone support. And the CS person name Allen has a nasty attitude. I have moved away from rtg casinos their payout sucks compared to MG. I have moved on to poker. I am doing quite well this week.


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Dec 24, 2007
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i love Inetbet

I was having the same experience as you guys until last thursday when I deposited $31, got it up to $700 and then hit a $4300 RJ. withdrew $4500 and it is now in my possesion. What more can you ask for? Thank you Inetbet. I dont think it is the casinos it is just the way gambling works sometimes.