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Jun 30, 1998
Just a heads up for all players and affiliates, the Montana disputes is no more. At the moment, a new master licensor is handling RTG casino licensing issues, but their dispute section has not been put into action. It may be some time until this is in effect.

What this means for players and affiliates: If you have a complaint or issue about an RTG casino that the casino cannot resolve for you satisfactorily, you may have to wait until this new licensor has created their disputes section. I don't know when this will be implemented. Your disputes will have to wait.

In the meantime, I have direct contact with the RTG Casinomeister "Accredited" casinos (naturally). This includes the King Solomons group, Mainstreet group, and Casino World Club, 49er, and iNetBet. They are also members of our forum.

Other RTGs I am in contact with for disputes:
VIP Casinos
Windows Group
Virtual Casino group (listed here)
Crystal Palace Group

There are a few others with reps on Casinomeister's forum here:

WARNING: Players be advised that you are relying on the discernment, empathy and responsiveness of the casino operator to consider your dispute. I will assist as time permits.

Please note: If the old Montana Disputes was dealing with your issue, you will have to wait to see if the new dispute section has you in their system. Hopefully they will contact you.
I don't know Bryan, but I think it might not be a bad idea to Boycott everyone of the RTG licensees until such time as RTG wakes up and realizes that a viable and reliable disputes program should be put in place before they RTG and/or RTG's Licensees put their collective products on the shelf.

There are far too many complaints pending with RTG Licensees, some of which are for many thousands of dollars. There can be no question NONE that RTG knew far in advance that Montana Disputes would be no more, but rather than doing something about it when they knew full well that MONTANA was fini they did absolutely nothing.

I have a tremendous relationship with a few (damn few) reliable RTG licensees but it's high time that there be an overall cleaning of the house or so to speak with regards Realtime Gaming et al.

Have a good one.
I've copied this thread to here so that members can kick this around a little.

Cipher has a point - no software provider should leave their players exposed to unfair or unorthodox play. I am well aware of a few outstanding complaints - one biggie that has been making the rounds (dc9999). But as far as I am concerned - that issue is not resolved yet - and I'm sure it will be one way or the other when the new dispute section is put into place.

Or perhaps sooner...
I recently filed a dispute not for monies but simply for in my opinion bad practices on the part of the casino. Unfortunately, if no mechanism is in place to resolve our disputes I will not play at some RTGs. Those I have a good relationship with have gained my trust. I am willing when I do decide to ever play a RTG again to play with them.

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