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Oct 21, 2004
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I'm curious why did all the other casinos seem to have pulled all American play at their casinos but RTG casinos only a few have pulled away? How is it most RTG casinos still allow Americans to play and stay reputable in paying out and taking payments? Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining I love INetBet even though I don't EVER win there but I'm a bit afraid as to why they feel they can get around what other casinos can't? I also heard they are based out of America is this true? I can't seem to post private so sending in public sorry if this makes anyone upset. Thank you all in advance for the replies. :)


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Oct 14, 2004
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It's more a case of "wont do" rather than "can't do" with regards to US players.
Many casinos pulled out because they are listed companies, others because they found dealing with payments too problematic. Many later pulled out once casino and eWallet execs started getting arrested in the US when passing through.

RTG have decided to allow operators to make their own minds up. Many casinos still serving the US market do so becasue there is no real sanction the US can bring to bear. This would mean the operators having no assets in the US, and no execs intending to travel to, or pass through, the US.

RTG recently made a sweet corporate manouever to enable them to continue to serve the US. The US based RTG passed all rights to the casino software to Hastings, and it is Hastings that now provide "illegal" casino software to the casinos still serving the US. Hastings is based outside the reach of the US authorities, and what has happened to the original RTG HQ is a bit of a mystery. They claim to no longer be involved with gambling, so are thus supposedly safe from any action.
Other software is available to the US market, including a few Microgaming casinos.
US players should be aware that there will be an increase in rogue operators looking for a quick killing from a large market ill served by much of the legitimate side of the industry.
Playtech and Cryptologic have withdrawn due to the software companies "advising" its operators to pull out voluntarily. This is "voluntarily" army style:D


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Sep 30, 2006
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dont let that fool you I work at RTG casinos and have been for some years now .. business dropped and it dropped heavy.. the us gvt did what they did best scare the hell out of their nation..

Bush.. your a turd

Once again Im ashamed to be american