RTG casinos ownership changes?


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Dec 2, 2001

Does anyone have any specific information about these changes. It appears that some ownership changes have happened to "playersecurity" casinos, which www.playersecurity.com does the withdrawals, and checks the faxback documents or atleast they used to do.

It appears as www.palaceofchance.com and www.clubplayer.com atleast have changed ownership or am i correct? Palace of chance emailed me about some merger with coolcat casino, and it appears they are doing the same thing as coolcat now=not answering my emails, but sending promos to me. Also clubplayer website is totally redesigned, and looks the same as poc.

Also it appears as www.vegasfrontier.com has now become oliver curran owed casino, which i dont think it used to be.

From last week's Casinomeister News....


Three weeks back we reported on the imminent takeover of Portofino, Hampton and Connect to Casino by the Doloplex group.

Very reliable information now to hand is that Doloplex has since withdrawn from the negotiations after standard due diligence. Doloplex has been offered the Vegas Magic and Vegas Frontier properties, on which dd has been successfully completed. These properties will therefore soon be joining the group.

And staying with information on online casino movements, it is reliably reported this week that Giant Vegas Casino has switched to Playtech software and re-launched, still owned by Australian-based Brian Goodman. Formerly powered by RTG, Giant Vegas and sister casino Kiss were the subject of controversy over player payments late last year, and closed.

The POC email went out late last week advising that they were now *in partnership* with Cool Cat, which as you say looks like another ownership change.

Winners Playground and Grand Royal are also closing (well as far as RTG is concerned - they could resurface using Playtech software as was the case with Giant)

RTG must be busy with the paperwork on closings and changes at present!
should have read the news ;)

I think i should have read the news JetSet ;). I tend to try stay up to par on everything that is going on with the industry, but missed that.

1. Doloplex=same as Oliver Curran Casinos, Right?

2. What about POC, And Clubplayer (clubplayer website looks the same as poc, and coolcat, and virtual also) they are under same management as CoolCat now? Update on this would be cool.

3. Jetset, do you have any idea who owns the other remaining "playersecurity" casinos. Betmax, Betnetclub, Slotfever,Playunited, and Vegaslucky. Do they all have the same owner?

Slotfever=cybergaming ltd, its the same as vegasmagic, or is it too under doloplex now? ;)

URGH... Vegas Frontier still owes my big money for months now. -And now they are going to be a Curran-joint...? Oh no! :eek:
This is all very confusing. POC's email address for affiliates is now a yahoo address.

I think it will all fall into place soon - but for now I am confused and it looks like there will be more ownership changes at RTG.

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