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Oct 4, 2006
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I had noticed at one particular RTG casino their Random Jackpots were all over 10k. I PMed the casino manager and he confirmed they are setting their RJs higher. This was the response I received to my inquiry.

We made the decision to group our progressive slot games in order to create higher jack pots for the players. There are 27 slot games and we grouped them into 3 groups to increase the jackpots for casino players. In our next weekly newsletter we will be explaining this process in detail.

Then I mentioned how much I have been losing and told him I understood the RTG casinos didn't set their own software but it was set across the board. He responded with this:

Actually each RTG operator has the ability to configure their slots payout percentage seperatly. All of our slots are currently set at 95%.

Another RTG casino manager the other day told me exactly the opposite. :confused: :confused: :confused:
I believe it is probably the same casino I am currently playing at. I e-mailed too about the unusually high random jackpots on EVERY game. Also, the random jackpot box on the "outtathisworld" game is constantly blacked out. Does this mean there is no random on this particular game? Support e-mailed back and said the techs checked into the blacked out box and the high jackpots and they saw no problem. They want me to send them screen shots. If I knew how I would as it seems suspicious to me.
Trips to take a screenshot just hit the PrtScn button just to the right of the F12 button. Then open up your graphic software. If you don't have any special graphics software simply use Microsoft Paint. You will find that under Start, Programs, Accessories.

Once you have Paint open just simply click on Edit then Paste. Your screenshot will appear and you can then size it. To size it use the toolbar to the left to find the Select option. This will allow you to choose an area of the screenshot. You simply put your cursor at one edge of the area you wish to cut out and then drag it to encompass the image. Then go to Edit and click on Copy, then on Paste. Your cropped image can then be saved by going to File, Save As. You name the file and then choose the dropdown menu below the file name and choose JPEG. This is a smaller size graphic as opposed to a Bitmap.

You can also resize your picture by dragging the image resize handles, located at the lower-right corner and along the bottom and right sides of your picture. (You might need to maximize the window to see the square resize handles.)

Hope this helps. If you need any further assistance PM me and I will be happy to help.

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