RTG Bites the Dust?


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May 28, 2001
It seems that RTG casinos are falling like flies. It appears that two more have failed. Both Worldplay and The Casino Online are unaccessable and the web page says they are no longer in operation. The Casino Online was Platinum certified by Safebet.

Can we find out what's going on from RTG or Safebet?

Worldplay owes me $750 and The Casino Online owes me $1750.
I wonder if the OPA going out of business had anything to do with this?

They may be thinking that they can now disapppear without splashing mud on other RTG sites.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
I just got an email from Worldplay casino that they have ceased operations. This email also stated they were going to pay the players they owe money to. They requested some forms and stated that they would send out checks as payment.

I'll post my outcome when I know.
I just received the following email from Worldplay. Looks like they are paying their customers even though they have closed their casino.

Dear *****
Great news from WorldPlay Casino!

As you may know, WorldPlay Casino is no longer in operation. Eventhough
the casino is not in operation, we still keep our promise of service
toward our customers. That is why your Paypal withdrawal will be approved
by the casino management.

Since we can no longer process withdrawals through Paypal, a check will be
sent to the address we have on file.

Please accept our apologies for any inconviniences this delay may have
caused you. Though it usually takes no more than 3 days for the check to
reach its final destination, please allow 5-7 business for this check to
We send our many thanks for all the time you spent here with us at
WorldPlay Casino!!!

Goodbye, and thanks a lot for your patience.

WorldPlay Casino
Payouts Department
Why did the OPA go out of business??? Has anyone really given the reason... besides the fact
that Steve just vanished ... its a shame because
the OPA was one organizaton that provided a tremendous service to everyone ..
FYI: Heating up at WOL. RTG has made an appearance. Not trying to drive traffic from the Most Excellent Casinomeisters site, however, if you are owed money by RTG, this thread is definitely worth looking at. Fortunately, I am not owed money by a RTG site but know that many of you are. Brian, I posted this herein. I just wanted you to know.
In checking out a missing check for $401 supposedly approved on November 29, I discovered that world play is out of business.

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