RTG and other Software Inquiry


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Jul 19, 2018
Is there a list anywhere of casino software that is non-open sourced, and can't be modified by an operator? Or that is open-sourced and audited, or in general that is proven trustworthy?

I've been gambling with CasinoMax (and I'm American) on their $1 - $250 European roulette table, but they tell me that they have no ability to modify the software in any way, including changing the table betting limits.

I'm hoping to learn more about the actual RTG software, as well as whether there are other options out there. All the other RTG casinos I've looked at seem to be in the same $1 - $250 range, but I've seen a couple worse ones....$1 - $200, or $25 - $100.

There must be some way to do it, or every RTG casino would be the same.


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Apr 18, 2009
They can't change the betting limits themselves, but they can ask RTG to do it for them. They are not set in stone. But that is for slots and I have no idea when it comes to their Roulette.

I once was winning a lot only playing the lowest betsize, and suddenly they had raised it so I didn't feel I could afford to play there anymore :p That was not Casino Max though.

For us outside the US there are providers that can be trusted. A lot of them. But there are also those that offers fake games so true it's important to know the difference.

I'm sure you will get answers from those who know a bit more about this.