royalclubaffiliates : No commission paid since 6 months


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Mar 14, 2012
It's been now 6 months, since september 2011 that I did not receive any commission payments from royalclubaffiliates regarding the promotion of casinoroyalclub. The affiliate manager supposedly called "Dan Varley" is telling me since that time, that he is in touch with the payment department to speed up the payment process. However, nothing comes, despite Dan's recurrent promises.

-1st reason:
The first reason he gave to me was the one of the famous "ddos attack" which affected mainly top games casinos in november 2011. But apparently, RIVAL as well has been affected, and royalclubaffiliates had to wait for the problem to be sorted before processing to the affiliate payments. Here is below, the conversation with Dan at that time :

[25/11/2011 14:21:51] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: They said that all problem will be sorted asap
[25/11/2011 14:22:09] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: Ddos Attack more on Top game Casino
[25/11/2011 14:22:29] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: but they effected RIVAL as well
[25/11/2011 14:24:18] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: We have to wait until all problem will be resolved
but RIVAL has technical error right now
[25/11/2011 14:29:04] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: They cann't proceed affiliates payment, player's withdrawl etc
[25/11/2011 14:29:19] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: even Our casino client is not working
[25/11/2011 14:29:50] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: We cann't do any thing until all problem will be resolved

-2nd reason:
The second reason he gave to me, was given today, on the 06/03/2012. Apparently, casinoroyalclub has got some fraud. So let's supposed that it is true, and they have got some fraud affiliates. Let's imagine that in fact, RoyalClubAffiliates does not want to pay it's affiliates, and maybe also it's winner players, simply because Royalclubaffiliate underwent fraud from affiliates? So let's continue to imaginate that they are forced to pay all their partner affiliates and players, they would probably put their activity in financial difficulties? This would be understandable. But if it is the case, and I insist on the "if it is the case" cause I'm not here to tell wrong stories about anyone, but I can not stop myself to suppose a case of that type, because they are not able to give me a proper reason which could be reliable. So if it is the case, I guess it is the time for online casinos to learn how being fairplay, and they have to learn that when they lose, they have to pay. If the problem is really coming from "fraud" then it is up to them to bear the consequences of their mistakes. If they are not able to structure properly their team, in terms of efficient human resources in different strategical departments as affiliation, marketing and fraud checking departments (because I have seen many times the case in many casinos), "we" as affiliates, we must not be those who suffer from their mistakes.

Prove below:

[10:24:56] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: i am doing our best to clear your pending payments..........
[10:25:34] Dan Varley / RoyalClubAffiliates: due to some fraudulent CPA deal, that's problem occur

I only wanted to warn everyone on the doubtfull practices of that casino. They owe me today an amount of exactly $3368 that have been generated between september 2011 and january 2012. It's been now 6 months that i'm waiting for the payment.

Last word for everyone, regarding that casino, I strongly suggest for the ones who are already promoting them, to stop publishing anymore, and I suggest to the other affiliates who were maybe approach by AffiliateClub, not to promote their brand for the moment. Maybe my opinion on them can change in the future, all depends on their efficiencies to pay my commissions.

I hope that this post will make them react and I will not miss to inform you on that forums when I'll get paid, or not...

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Aug 25, 2004
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This does sound bad :(

You could contact Casinomeister and see if he would entertain a Pitch-A-Bitch, since this casino is no longer on the Not Recommended List...
I know he did used to have a direct contact to Rival themselves - they might need to get involved if the casino wont answer.

(Edit: Actually, they never were on the Not Recommended list - they only opened in April 2011 and were not added to the other white labels on that list).