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May 11, 2003
I opened an account with Royal Vegas. I deposited 125.00 with Firepay. The casino states that on first deposits you get 100% bonus. This is not true. I only got 25.00 bonus. I have sent 3 emails and they NEVER get back with me. So far no emails have been answered by Royal Vegas. This place is not a place that answers emails.
They do credit the account, though I will never go back to this place because out of the 4 emails I sent , they NEVER answered any of my questions and never answered any emails. These are the types of casinos that do big advertising and then have terrible customer service. I closed my account.

We regret that you have not received any mails from us but AOL is currently blocking all mails from us and you have an AOL e-mail address. We did, however, attempt to contact you on 6 occasions but could not manage to get hold of you at the number you supplied.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Royal Vegas has my phone number, social security number and everything except my childrens names. Like a fool I gave all this info. Why not also ask for my blood type to. The place is not for me. They could have called me. I do not believe they tried to email me at all. I have email controls and they are set to recieve ALL emails. Just another lie here.

Not standing up for Fortune Lounge here, but I have also had problems sending e-mails to AOL e-mail addy's.

My e-mail address is ( ) I'm starting to think that AOL are actually bouncing e-mails that contain the word casino.

So far in the past 3 weeks I sent out around 30 e-mails to AOL address all of these have so far bounced, where as these did not bounce as of 4 weeks ago.
I've also found that some casinos are unable to call me because I have a block on my phone line to prevent blocked caller ID calls from getting through. In otherwords, you must allow caller ID to get my phone to ring, and for whatever reason, most casinos can't get thru when this is on.
Not to take either side here but why are you using AOL? It sounds very legit reason why you didnt get email. Even hotmail seems to have certain casino groups already programmed as spam. Dont play there again, thats your decision, but dont blame your poor choice of ISP on them. I also have calls blocked from certain areas like JPM, most international calls. This makes it impossible for overseas telemarketers to call, I did this after receiving a 7am or so phone call from a casino group.
Aside from being Microgaming, this is a fine group. I rarely need to use their CS, but when I do it's always on the mark.
I too had an AOL account and as of a few weeks ago when they started blocking all casino's I got a Yahoo addy because at least they put what they think is spam in a seperate folder for you to decide. You should probably get a new e-mail for your casino accounts because you will run into this with other casinos too, and they really shouldn't have the right to throw your mail away if you are an adult.

I did not realize AOL is blocking casino emails. Can someone tell me how to open a yahoo account and do you have to change your email addy with all the casinos you play at?

Thanks for the help....Linda
To poker addict:

You said "Dont play there again, thats your decision, but dont blame your poor choice of ISP on them. I also have calls blocked from certain areas like JPM, most international calls."
If you have calls blocked thats your problem buddy, not mine. As for all this nonsense about AOL. I have played at over 50 casinos and NEVER had email problem so don't blast my choice of ISP . Good Day Lad.
I did change all mine that went to AOL, Lasseters sent me an e-mail letting me know that's why I hadn't been receiving even my deposit verify e-mails. Just FYI casinoman, you don't need to be hostle to those who are trying to inform you, you can even e-mail AOL and ask if they are bouncing e-mails and they will tell you yes. :phaser:
No offense to anyone here that uses AOL, but why use them?

I understand that AOL back in the old days made it pretty easy to gain a net connection, compared to other ISP's that you had to manually set up.

However these days most ISP's offer this.

Would be interested to know why people are using AOL?

I've got a younger sister who uses aol also, I think it's because she like hearing, 'you've got mail' when she logs on. Haha.

Seriously though, it's a puzzle to me as to why anyone would use them, AOL is nothing more than an over-sized, over-priced BBS.
Fortune Lounge is a great group as far as customer service goes. But I have never hit a royal flush at royal vegas! I keep getting lured back by some kind of bonus deal, I HAVE to resist! I never win anything to write home about. But I must say they are a fine group of people. Why do you have AOL? Why not high speed internet...that's the best!
Hi all,

Not often that the casinos support each other, but in this case I have no choice. We have also had problems with AOL rejecting mail. It appears to be aimed at preventing spam, and is not specifically targeting casinos. This is a problem that can affect all casinos, so if you use AOL, and do not get email responses, please use the toll free numbers and give the casino a call before branding them as poor service providers.

Have a great day.

The Gaming Club
My 2 cents worth...

I have been playing at RoyalVegasPoker, a fortunelounge poker portal for a couple of months now. the good news is that their phone support people are great although of limited value as most problems seem to stem from Prima Poker who tells them nothing with terrible support to their portals.. and I really can't understand why fortunelounge tolerates it as it just makes fortunelounge look bad for Prima's errors.

The bad news.. they just don't answer emails at all nor do they 'get back to you' even when promised faithfully. I have written to Jeremy several times and he is supposed to be as far up the food chain as I can go, and still no response.. I was so irritated that I stopped playing there for weeks, but as I do like the site and it's promotions, I went back.. and rely on the phone support when I need questions answered.. but I always phone with the mindset that they wont really be of any help... it eases the upset when I hang up knowing as little as when I called... but they are always friendly and as helpful as they can be.. it is a tough job, not one that I'd last long

but at least their phone access puts them head and sholdars above most of the competition and a major reason I continue to play there..

AOL.. why on earth instal a virus on your own
Not sure if they are having trouble with their server, but I tried to click onto Royal Vegas from the listing in REPUTABLE ONES and only got an error message. I then tried the advertisement and got nothing from there either.
gaming club: Thank you for your accurate reply.

oops: I am really concerned that you have not received responses to your mails. I have checked your account and, although I notice quite a lot of correspondence from both sides, I am not sure which specific mails you are referring to. We certainly do not tolerate no / slow responses to players.

Your kind words are appreciated and you are always most welcome to contact me directly.

love2vegas: We are not experiencing any problems with our service. It seems that there is a problem with these links and we have reported it to Bryan.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Gaming Club, Fortune Lounge, and everyone Hotmail possibly doing the same thing as AOL? Anybody with a Hotmail account not receiving their emails?
If you use hotmail you need to add each casino address to your ok list or they will go to trash. Not the casinos fault in a way even though some of them are spammers. Just add them to the not spam list.
Ah, you're talking about their long-established habit of filing multiple mails to Hotmail users into a junk bin... I thought perhaps you were talking about what AOL did, which is to file EVERYTHING into a junk bin unless it is only text, or if the sender is put into a "white" list.

Know about the Hotmail ones... been having that problem for more than two years now, not sure if I've escaped it yet LOL.

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