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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I just tried Royal Vegas as advertised on this site. I found the games fair and fun, I deposited by Firepay just like I always do to 3 casinos I play on. Today I was looking for a bonus and something new. After playing for hours I was up to $125 from my $100 deposit and had just split aces into 2 21's for $16 a piece when the software crashed. I tried to log back in but it said I was locked out. I tried to send emails but I get "Unable to deliver the message due to a communications failure" just like I get from all the other emails on that domain I send to, I call the 1-800 # and after 2 tries I have a guy tell me I'm on some high risk list because of a bad credit card, I havent charged anything in years on the net since they stopped allowing Discover for online gaming. He then told me I only had $70 in the account (not true it was $125 about to win $32 more I checked the balance before I hit the OK on the casino error message) and they would refund me the $70 but not the $125 I had or even my $100 deposit back. This is sooooo wrong, especially for someone who it seemed was on the up and up by being on this site and having zero complaints. I play at 3 casinos w/o any problem and have never charged back. They wouldnt even tell me where this list is or what casino claims I never paid them. Can someone give me an idea on how to get all my money or at least my $100 back? I see no other complaints about them and their games seemed very fair so maybe someone has an idea since they dont seem to be scam artists, they just locked me out in the middle of getting paid. Maybe I should be happy they didnt totally rip me off, well I guess I'll know that when the money gets back to firepay.
Dear Pokeraddict;

I can't help you with your problem, but I can tell you that Royal Vegas belongs to the FortuneCasino group and you hardly ever hear anyone complain about them. I just think they take your money too fast once you start playing. But they are reputable and I can't really say anything bad about them. They have several casinos, and I have played at all of them. Your problem could be with FIREPAY. I recently won money at a "good" casino " :confused: }AS GOOD AS GOOD". The casino was great and deposit my winnining back to Palpay the next day. I never did receive over 500.00 from Firepay. They wouldn't return messages. They don't have a 1-800 number so you can talk to some one. It appears that once you win Firepay keeps your money. As far as Royal Vegas, contact their support and see if it is Firepay that's holding your money up. Royal Vegas has always paid me even when they have their promotional days, buy on the weekend and on Monday you get your 100 percent bonus. They are good people. I bet it's Firepay, and when Palpay goes out of business, players are going to be in bad shape because something smells over at Firepay.

Bryan, I had asked if you had the time to also look into a matter for me concerning Firepay. They should have returned my money back to my checking account but never did. This has been over four week ago. Email to them are very slow are don't come at all and I think that they hope you just go away. Bryan, please contact me so I can give you the specifics and maybe you can help me out as well. Please email me at}
My problem isnt with Firepay, re read it. The problem is that this casino locked me out in a winning hand and wont pay it. They had no reason to lock me out to begin with. They claim that I passed off bad credit cards to a casino before which is B.S. They even admit that they dont know to who and it wasnt to their group but because someone else has flagged me or someone else with my name I cant play and dont even get all my money back. After thinking about it I wonder if it has something to do with me winning $3000 from by betting the Rams to win the super bowl 100-1 in their worst to first year, then their check bounced and I went through lots of trouble and threats before finally getting my money. Could they have flagged me? What is this so called list? Is it somewhere in plain view on the net so I could see it? I'm just really confused. I hope at least they pay something back to me. It hasnt been enough time so I'm not nervous yet, just upset they would wait until I was winning to lock me out and wont even pay my deposit back, much less the amount they really owe me.
Hi Pokeraddict,

I had a similar problem while playing at another Microgaming casino. Suddenly locked out in the middle of a game. When I called up, I was told my account was locked because of a chargeback. Well I'd never made a chargeback to any casino, ever! But I knew where the problem came from. It was Proccyber Services that was the problem. They had locked all of my accounts about a month prior to that for the same reason, an alleged chargeback to a microgaming flash casino. Since I'd never played at a microgaming flash at that point, I knew it wasn't me. I called proccyber (get their number from their website, Outdated URL (Invalid)) and demanded to know what was going on. I was pissed to say the least. The guy I talked to was very pleasant and kept his cool despite my fury. He checked and found that someone with the same name as mine, living in the same state as me had charged back to that casino. He asked for my city & zipcode and date of birth and confirmed that we were two completely different people. The credit card number used wasn't even close to anything I'd used in the past either. They finally after 4 days reopened all of my accounts and assured me that a mistake like this wouldn't happen again. But it has! TWICE again already, and I'm not happy about it. Each time I call up and say, check your records with this casino and you'll see its mistaking me for this other guy, etc etc and they reopen it. But its a major pain in the a$$ each time. Apparently no one actually looks at anything other than the name to see if it matches until you call up and yell at them.
My advice, call up and insist upon finding out why you are being accused of chargeback, at what casino and with what card. They should give you the information right there & then. At that point, you can refute it as I did and get them to clear everything up. Don't settle for anything less than that if you are innocent of this bad card accusation. Insist upon all accounts being restored to the way they were when they locked you out and a note attached to your file for when it happens again at another casino (which I'd bet you it will).

btw, good hit on that 100-1 shot!! WTG!
Trying to explain or question
Proccyber about ANYTHING, would
be as difficult as trying to teach
a fish to ride a bike. :eek:

Proccyber's motto...

"Alway's striving to reach the highest level of incompetence" :lol:
Problem solved, after 5 days they never returned a phone call or email (a few bounced) my account was opened as usual. I just checked it after receiving an op email from here, THANKS! I am playing them now up a little more money, wonder if I'll be smart and cash out of if I'll throw it away. The one thing I dont find fair here is that it will let you split or double, then show you a BJ. From what I hear this is a Euro rule though, I guess if I keep playing it means I accept that rule right? Thanks to those who helped with this problem. I must say though the randomness is fair, hit a HUGE 7 out playing the dont in craps, got dealt a straight flush in joker poker etc.
Dear Bryan

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. We investigated the issue and have found that the player's account was temporarily locked due to his details being identified as possibly being high risk. He was notified via e-mail that we were conducting an investigation and that we would contact him as soon as we have resolved the issue.

Unfortunately, due to e-mail server problems, we were unable to send or receive any mail and the notification was delayed.

His account has been unlocked and I have comped his account with the amount of $ 50 for the inconvenience he suffered as a result of this delay and because we value his patronage. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and hope that he will enjoy gambling at our casinos.

Kind regards

Casino Operations

***end of message
It's nice to see a resolution that works out for everyone. The player is redeemed and comped. The casino saves face and retains a valued customer. And I can continue endorsing casinos that are responsive, understandable, and value their players.

Well if Proc Cyber keeps on comping people $50 for thier incompetence, maybe they're not so bad after all... :)
Oh my Gawd,

Let me at my archived MG casinos. $50 comp per Proc-cyber stuffup. YIPPEE I"M RICH :lol:

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